November 22nd, 1963

                                          November 22nd, 1963                     


    The Kennedy Assassination took place 50 years ago as of November 22nd, and it seems like yesterday too many who lived through it as children and adults who survive today. A dream died that day and lots of hopes for the American Nation we live in today, disappeared with his death. It was followed by the deaths and killings of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy too, who both showed great promise as leaders in a world full of hopeless people who struggled to find themselves after they were gone. Sadly, each year that passes makes the John Kennedy Assassination more of a problem then a solution or hope for America’s Future, because the American public may never know the real truths about it all, will we? Why is the real question, do the answers lead us to Castro and Cuba, The Russians, The Mafia or Mob as they call it, or is it really a Lone Gunman named Oswald?

         I did many years of studying, reading and researching all that has come out on the case and my conclusion is still foggy and unclear and I shall tell you why here. Part of it is the Successor to Kennedy, Johnson; he was notorious in his own way and greedy and wanted it all. He was also a cruel and vicious in fighter who believed the Presidency was his no matter what, just look at the Primary to the 1960 Election and the fighting before he became the Vice President. Kennedy didn’t have much choice if he wanted the White House, he had to take Johnson with him to win, they actually not only disliked each other, but had opposite opinions on so many things it was crazy.

           Then we come to the Mafia/Mob Connections to this case. Kennedy couldn’t keep his pants up and that led to some of the mess he was in. His father’s involvement with criminal links is well known and he as all know made a lot of his cash off of illegal bootlegging of whiskey. Then he buys votes to get his son elected President through mobsters in Chicago and elsewhere and it gets the job done. But once elected JFK turns the tables on crime and The Mob and puts his brother in as Attorney General and pursues them every which way he can. The President let his brother loose to chase these mobsters down and they sure as hell got angry and wanted it stopped. We talking big name criminals and mobsters here folks, Sam Giaconna, John Roselli, Santos Trafficanti, James Hoffa and more. Sadly they pursued the same men who paid for Kennedy’s Election, and these mobsters though it was all a double cross, which also involved the man in Louisiana, Carlos Marcello, who ran the Southeast United States with an Iron Fist as its crime boss. Marcello would say about Kennedy and his brother Robert, they were connected like a snake and its tail, cut off the head of the snake and the tail dies. Sound familiar folks, the head was JFK and RFK died off his investigations immediately after the killing and disappeared until he came back to run himself in 1968 and got killed too. Interesting yet folks?

            Then we have the Cuban Missile crisis, and the plots to kill Fidel Castro and the Bay of Pigs Fiasco. All in the end that Castro found out about and prepared his revenge also on Kennedy saying I know what they were doing and that they tried to kill me, but failed. Motive folks it abounded by many in 1963.

            Here is the real thing folks, Could Lee Harvey Oswald really have killed JFK in Dallas that November 22nd? First off, Oswald was a poor sorry assed example of a wreck of a man. Read his Bio, drop-out, poor shot in Marine Corps and a man unable to hold down a job. A man who defects to Russia on a whim and then cries to get back to the US and the American Government pays him to come home, and then he kills the President. Come on now let’s be realistic here, the man couldn’t hit a target half the time in the marine corps with a high powered M-16 what makes you think he could have pulled off the shot heard around the world?

           Then let’s examine one more thing folks, who the hell was Jack Ruby and why should we believe his story of, he shot Oswald to save Mrs. Kennedy the grief of a trial in Dallas she would have to come back for. Bullshit, I know it, you know it and Uncle Sam knows it, Ruby didn’t care about Mrs. Kennedy or the kids, he was ordered to kill Oswald, and had no choice or his sister and family were next on the hit list. Sadly, our own Government, hides the real facts and they doctored scans, x-rays, reports and more to hide the truth and don’t want us to know for some top secret reason right! Again bullshit folks, it’s now 50 years ago, I was a child of 7 years old when Kennedy died in Dallas that day, the trauma of his killing affected a generation of Americans and since I was a child of seven I witnessed it on television in a classroom in school. The vision and the lies of it have haunted American’s minds and hearts for decades now, and I think the American Government should take all the redactions off the documents and put the photos back to what they really were and tell the American People the truth. Will it ever happen I doubt it folks, for our Government believes they are protecting us, when in fact they are protecting the real killers and true story. Changes need to be made and the truth let out.



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