The Christmas Miracle- A Short story by me!


The Christmas Miracle


This is A Christmas Story, told in a song, but not with glory !

It all started on December 15th, with the search for the tree in the cold with the children all young and pink.

How it almost ended, well that could stink!

The tree went up on the 15th, and the children admired it with cheeks of pink. Their laughter and joy were there that day, for they knew now Christmas wasn’t far away.

Come Christmas Eve, December 24th, the childen, were wanting, to go out. The snow was falling all around, and the music played the Christmas sounds.

Mom said ok out you go to play, enjoy the snow for the day. They took their sleds and off they went up the hill to slide on down, as the music played Christmas sounds.

Up and down the children did go, the laughter and glee was apparent you see. It echoed all around the hillside and town.

Up and down the two would go, little did they or mom ever know.

As mom rushed about making cookies you see, she lost track of the laughter and glee. When she stopped to listen, she knew, something was wrong with her children you see.

Out the door the mom did run, up the hill where the children were having fun.

Not a person was in sight, nor a sound did she hear, as she cried out in fright and fear.

Running down the hill , she looked here and there, her son and daughter it seemed were no where.

At the bottom of the hill, there she found, two tiny sleds and children curled around, each other, it was her children sister and brother.

They had lost control of their sleds you see and hit a stone wall, believe you me.

Crying with all her might the mother called the ambulance as she lost the light.

Off to the hospital, went all three with a Nurse calling their daddy.

IT was by now 7 pm. The sun went down hours ago, and the two little children did not utter a sound or move you know.

As the parents waited the clock moved on, 8 pm, and then 9 and finally ten pm, and no movement or sound could be heard in the Emergency room you see.

The Doctors would go in and out shaking their heads and knowing their doubt.

The parents heard the whispers and even the fears, but they swore to themselves to believe through their fears.

They paced back and forth and waited you see, then suddenly at 10:30 pm, a sound you could and movement the Doctors could see.

By 11 Pm, the children’s breathing got stronger and it seems their faces got warmer. The Doctors and Nurses rushed all about, never saying a word or giving a shout.

By 11:45 pm. The Doctors came in and the children were breathing strong, their pulses were normal their skin pink and bright and the doctors looked at each other and Thanked Christmas Eve’s Night.

As the clock struck 12 pm, and Christmas came in, four little eyelids popped open, and they did cry. The Doctors eyes were filled with tears, and the parents rejoiced losing their fears.

    So Each Christmas Eve that now goes by, two parents sit and smile with tears in their eyes. They are now proud of the children they raised and are thankful for that Christmas Day!.



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