Saturday/ObamaCare Problem/ Health/Stories

     Happy Saturday to all! 

Today I will be sitting through a film at Primerica with my wife who is a member of theirs. It lasts about an hour and a half and then it will be onto a Computer fair to see what they have in house for my XPS 420. It’s old but reliable and keeps on ticking, so do I so to say. I have only 4 gigs of ram in it and want to double it if I can, and then see about a two gig video card too. Computer fairs have just about everything so who knows I may find it all or nothing but at least I will see what they have and walk some for fun with my wife.

 The so-called Obama care fiasco has many people angry and upset with the President and Secretary of Health. In the end the ones the people should be mad at is themselves really, have patience and understand no web site or server that handles so much traffic at one clip can be built without flaws that quickly. I hear of people who are losing the Insurance Policies they have now due to the new law, and my thought is if that is the case, then give them Obama care upfront to keep them going till the glitches can be worked out and in the end they will already be signed up and can opt out later if they want. Solution given here for that  mess!

Talking Health mine is improving each day I believe, I breathe fine and my surgical wounds have healed well. The soreness in my chest is healing well and interfering less each night with my sleeping. I was told no Chemo or Radiation for my cancer that they got it all when they took my middle lobe of my right lung. So far so good Doctors and thanks for a job well done at the Veteran’s Hospital in West Haven, Connecticut.  I had and have a great team of Doctors there who saved my life and kept me going, then you have the ICU Recovery Team who got me back on my feet and moving very fast. Thank you all!

My Stories are still on Amazon’s KIndle E-Books folks, I did remove my latest and longest one, Who Makes Us, Us! because it is an unfinished story and not well written by me. The other little book I took down is the THree Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One, the reviews were bad and I don’t need that now.

A fun read about the antics of the crew, and life aboard a navy vessel. The author has a good sense of humor and made the words come alive. Review of my story,
Disappearing Hams

False accusation is the real history of a man who falls in love and marries Jo and after the divorce she accuses it to sexual crimes against their daughters, thing that had never happened.
It returns to inspire love and marries another woman but Jo and the daughter never told the true.
He re-composes the relation with his daughters when already they were older, but the time cannot go back-
I recommend it, is a very touching book.

Review to my e-book on Amazon! Someone actually wrote this about it!
“False Accusations”

A true story of how abuse ruined not one, but three families and lasted for decades!

My poem That Kiss is on the following Web Site near the bottom of this page
It’s Free to read! The Flying Christmas Tree The Importance of Christmas

Please Read and Review and Tell me what ya think;

All have been reduced in price to either 1.99 a shot or 0.99 cents per. I hope some will buy and read them. Have a Good one folks!





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