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      The dates roll across the calendar like syrup over pancakes folks, and once it’s covered, it disappears and has to be replaced. So as time ticks on, I ask you what has really changed and what is really pretty or beautiful in the world? Do we know what it means to be beautiful, or just pretty or average in the world and does it really matter. Good question right, is everyone judged on looks or do we go beyond the surface to the inner person to judge or accept or deny them? I don’t know what others do and I think too many people are judged by looks not personality, so I believe in my heart of hearts, it’s not beautify or pretty, or ugly that counts, it’s the person inside that gives one attraction and that part can never hide.

       Talking of beauty, in my younger days in the 1970s and 80s on Television there were many beauties that crossed the screen. Many are gone now and some live on, and some will never leave our memories because they had a rare quality in them, not only physical beauty, but a mental beauty too. They lived beautiful lives and helped others along too, they were and will always be special. Now talented actors and actresses come and go and we know that is so, but few refine their acting talents so well they become unforgettable. One of those was Jean Stapleton of The BUnkers fame the warmth or her portrayals in her lifetime is amazing, yet it is not her looks she was known for but her acting talents. Then I come to the opposite in the man who played Archie himself, he too lacked looks, but he could act his ass off, and when they combined the two of these people bam, history was made.

       Time did move on and I remember back to a show called Charlies Angels, the original crew that worked it and starred. They included Kate Jackson, Farah Fawcett Majors, and Jaclyn Smith. I remember boys and men arguing back and forth who was the most sexy angel on the show. It never really included Kate Jackson, for her looks, but the warmth of her personality and her talents made her shine through on it.  In the end though the debate always came down to who was sexyier Farah or Jaclyn and I always said it was Jaclyn Smith, others loved the blonde Farah. I choose Jaclyn Smith because her beauty will never fade and her brains showed through and by the way what a face and body too! Jaclyn Smith went on to form her own clothing line and slip into fashion history too, brains baby, brains. So Jaclyn Smith used to make it worth my time to watch Charlies Angels back then!

       I do know this as I recall the above, never judge a book by it’s cover folks you can be shocked what you will find in the pages of it so to say.

         Next, My stories are on Amazon’s Kindle E-books these days and I must be frank, they don’t sell a lot, I guess because they either are badly written by me, or too depressing for most to read. But no matter what I shall forever keep writing and hoping that some shall read my works. I had two poems now accepted by Long Story Short the E-zine online, one was If I die, the second now is That Kiss by me, so my poems seem to hit some hearts out there.

         My Short Stories though seem to upset folks because they are mostly real life ones, that occurred in my life. Anyway I shall give you the links to three stories here and hope you will try them out and review them for me!


A fun read about the antics of the crew, and life aboard a navy vessel. The author has a good sense of humor and made the words come alive. Review of my story,
Disappearing Hams

False accusation is the real history of a man who falls in love and marries Jo and after the divorce she accuses it to sexual crimes against their daughters, thing that had never happened.
It returns to inspire love and marries another woman but Jo and the daughter never told the true.
He re-composes the relation with his daughters when already they were older, but the time cannot go back-
I recommend it, is a very touching book.

Review to my e-book on Amazon! Someone actually wrote this about it!

“False Accusations”

A true story of how abuse ruined not one, but three families and lasted for decades

What makes a person who they are and what they become as you’re growing up? Is it the color of your skin? Is it the area you’re raised in? Is it the parents you had? Is it DNA or circumstances? Well, the fact of the matter is, what makes you, you, is the people your with, and who your attracted to and stand by as friends and family!

This is the opening to my new story I made into an E-Book on Amazon!
Who Makes Us, Us?

Please Give it a Read and Give it a Review and send me a note on what you think!








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