Unanswered Questions


                Can mankind ever truthfully fathom from whence it came?  Can mankind solve the mysteries of space, time and love? These are questions mankind has searched for answers to since we could think on our own, I believe. But, if mankind could answer one vital question that seems to have an answer that stays just out of our reach, like what makes mankind tick? What is this ability to live, think and walk as well as talk? And why do we really exist?

                 What can we do to answer these questions, well, mankind observes itself and tries harder  than any other species on this planet to learn from its own mistakes, but seems to end up repeating them, through history if we look back. Why? Is mankind tied to some fate, some destiny? Or is it just certain things that cannot be changed or rearranged that controls the world and us and the societies we live in?

                Circumstances of time and cycles control mankind, at least this is what I can see and feel. I think the greatest example of what I am talking about came from a dying man’s mouth one day, as he spoke to his child who cried as he was dying. Son, do not cry for me, for I shall be gone shortly, I will feel no pain, no hurt or shame and for what I have done as a man, there will be no one to blame, I leave this world the same way I came, suddenly. But once I am gone, the seconds and minutes, and hours will pass, as shall the days and years you see, and in the end no one will remember me. So live each moment, day and year, like you have less time to be here! Do today what you love most and love those important to you, for someday my son, you want them to remember you. So life still has its mysteries, and it shall still have them after me, as it did before, I came to be.

                So as we hope, live and ponder and thru this planet and life we wander, remember, the planet was here far before mankind, and so was Mother Nature and father time. We try to think of what came first the chicken or the egg, or is there a creator called god, or was it all from the big bang? Mankind shall never truly know, for if we did, we would all refuse to go, and try to control things of which we have nothing, we know. We even try and map our own minds, this has been happening for ever since man has come along, in time. It escapes us as to what powers our minds, what section do what and it will for all time. The electrical impulses that flitter through cause me to be me and you to be you. So, my friends and fellow mankind remember that some questions are really meant to escape us for all time. For we may never solve the riddle of the human mind, or life for us in our existence’s time, and under anyone’s thoughts it is not a crime. For if we were to know how the human brain works with all of it’s processes and all of it quirks, we would probally destroy ourselves and not even know why, on the day that mankind, did choose to die.


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