November Starts/ Holidays Blues/ Stories for all!


 Happy Monday to all!  I hope everyone’s November has started off correctly for them and things are going to be looking up for  the Christmas Season approaching quickly.  While our economy sucks, sometimes it is best to admit you are hard up or in a bad financial bind, then to try to over extend yourself for this Holiday.  While The Christmas Season is a time children and adults alike expect, presents from loved ones, sometimes you just have to tell them I am sorry, I give all I can and could to you. Life is not a bowl of cherries, when you don’t work, have no real income coming in and can’t afford to give like you have in the past! As much as I love my children and grandchildren, I am not rich, so I will try to give by writing and stories and love. I try every year to touch the hearts and souls of my daughters, their children and others, by reminding them it is the love and respect we share that is more vital, than the material things in life.

                         Attached you can find links to a few of my little books on Amazon’s Kindle E-Books; One is my latest book, which is at 18,800 words long, I call it Who Makes Us, us.
Who Makes Us, Us?

                           My Two Little Short Christmas Stories are located here;                    The Flying Christmas Tree, (The Christmas that almost didn’t happen!) The Importance of Christmas- (To Me The True Meaning of Christmas)

Thats it for today folks!  I hope you all will give my Stories and my advice for today, a try! 




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