November/Introduction/Red Sox/Daylight Savings Time/Story

     November has arrived folks! Hard to believe we are under 60 days to a New Year’s Eve once more! Next up is an American Tradition of Thanksgiving and then the crazy Season of the holidays begins in full swing as everyone gets ready for Christmas Season! Ah, life will go on no matter what won’t it folks, as my Dad said when he was dying, time will continue on, whether we are are or not, so live to the fullest and have fun while you can!

      My Introduction to my newest little book I have now on sale, on Amazon’s Kindle E-books goes like this folks:

        What makes a person who they are and what they become as you’re growing up? Is it the color of your skin? Is it the area you’re raised in? Is it the parents you had? Is it DNA or circumstances? Well, the fact of the matter is, what makes you, you, is the people you’re with, and who you’re attracted to and stand by as friends and family!

       I am hoping some will buy it and read about my life and understand how i became me, but who knows it may bomb or disappear and never be read at all, but at least I made the attempt. It is 18,800 words long. I hope some will read and enjoy it is all I can say.

      Yesterday, I watched in amazement and excitement as The Boston Red Sox celebrated their 3rd World Series Title in a decade, and I sat back watching and said to myself, I wish my dad was here to have seen it happen. He died in 1990, after raising 5 kids and being a Red Sox Fan all his life. Sadly, he never saw them win, but I did for ya dad 3 times, God Bless ya!

       A little reminder folks, today is the start of Daylight Savings Time, do not forget like I did to turn your clocks back, it messes ya up a bit!  Throws ya off a bit when the clock says one hour earlier than you thought it should!

       Here is the link to my newest little Book: I hope you will check it out Who makes us, Us!








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