Writing/Boston Red Sox/Wake Up for 2014

       Writers we write for one reason or another, some of us are obsessed with events in history and people in time or places or events. Others by thoughts of what could be or can’t be, or madness and joy. We writers write to get out the repressed feelings we have on a subject or another, and we try to express how and why we feel about it all and what we might do or would do it a situation. Or we write of things that were beyond anyone’s control and try to explain why others did them. In the end the words that appear on paper or on the computer screen and in books and articles, express how we feel and there is no writer who does not write without some bias or prejudice in what they write. The fact is all writing in a magazine, book, newspaper or elsewhere is colored by the person writing it and their own views and feelings, thats writing isn’t it folks! 

Boston Red Sox 2013 World Series Champions, will hold their Celebration Parade Today in Boston. A Team that came back from the worst record in Major League Baseball to the First in Major League Baseball has to celebrate! The Town of Boston, the Red Sox and Their Fans will proudly display their faces, uniforms, and the Trophy to all in BOston and enjoy and drink in the warmth of their fans, what a day it shall be Boston, Boston Strong, Boston Sure, Boston Red Sox foreverMore! Go Red Sox Go! Love ya all! celebrate well, but Safely Boston, you deserve a Celebration not just for the Red Sox winning it, but for surviving and being Boston Strong!

The 2016 Presidential Election cycle will launch in 2014 I am sure! When it does, each candidate of each party should be fully examined before the American People make a choice. While your at it Americans, stop and think about giving your next President a House and Senate they can work with and pass bills and laws through that will help the country and  it people and the economy. For no one person as President can run a country if their Congress doesn’t want to work with them, it’s called deadlock folks and we have it and suffer for it now in President Obama’s Second Term. Wake Up!

As the Presidential candidates will line up and show up soon in public and start giving speeches, stop and think Americans which one makes more sense, which one will help more people and which one will improve jobs, the economy and can handle leading us in the world in the right direction and get along with others and play well. At this time, I think we all know who the Democrats will put up as their Nominee  if she will run, but what will the Republicans do to face off against her ? That could be a surprise, but if his name is Cruz you can forget it is all I can say!


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