Children Center Years and Lessons/Red Sox

      I spent two years of my life, locked away in a institution, when there was nothing really wrong with me. But I survived and got some good out of it anyway.

      The Children center is located in Hamden, Connecticut on Whalley Avenue next to Quinnipiac College  and Across the street from a Reservoir! The Front is a Gate made with brick arches, a black wrought iron fence and the property is surrounded in the same. As you enter the front you see the Administration Building first and to the left a green like a city or town might have. That was back then the year was 1965, and I wasa young boy of 9 years old when they sent me there!

       The above statement is how I started a story I call The Children Center Lessons and Years that can be found on Amazon’s Kindle E-book for sale. I hope it will draw some to read it, it is a story of how a misunderstood child got locked up and worked his way to release once again.

       Next subject today, As The City of Boston celebrates the World Series Victory of the Red Sox, I hope all fans will do so calmly, and carefully and no one gets harmed. Hard to believe the Red Sox have won three World Series Championships since 2004, after the long drought of the Babe Ruth Curse isn’t it. My step-dad who was a Red Sox fan all his life and who made me one too, lived his whole life without seeing the Red Sox win one, he died at 59 years old of cancer in 1990. So Dad for you I survived and stuck with the Red Sox and now they have won three in a decade, I hope you have enjoyed them from above. I hope some shall read my short story:      

“Conversations With Dad”——
My latest lil Book on Kindle e-books

 Have a Good day Ladies and Gents and see you next time I hope!



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