Comic Books and Characters/ Society


  Growing up in the 1960s’ comic books were still cheap at a nickel a shot and slowly rose in price over the years. But what was great about comics, was it was a make believe world you could escape to to get away from real life as a kid. You could dream of being Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Spiderman or Thor or Iron Man or whoever you wished to be. The stories were always of people in trouble rescued by people with super hero powers. in make believe world of course. I used to stand in the store at the comic rack and escape into the stories, to get away from real life problems in my family and life. And I know for a fact millions of other kids did the same, for the same basic reasons, it made family life and problems disappear and easier to live with.

                                   Now the price of comic books is around five dollars a shot for some of them and it will kill the comic book industry. Sadly the heroes, we grew up with will slowly disappear and the fantasy worlds will too. Even with the add on of movies and DVDS on these characters and fantasy worlds, the price of being creative and entertained by it is getting far too high. What will happen to the worlds and characters and fantasies many of us escaped to as children, that my friends is still a question top be answered! But for me as a child, escaping into comic books kept me sane and stable and kept me happy. That and old books and board games. The simple days when not everything was electronics and video game, is gone and it is all a crying shame isn’t it?  

        I will leave you with that thought for the day, wasn’t life simpler back then in the 1950’s and 60’s then now and less violent too? We played hide and go seek, Army in the woods. 1,2,3 Red lIght and Dodgeball, what happened to those days? Monopoly, Parcheesi,  Shoots and Ladders, and all the boys were into sports! 

         Those days are now long gone it seems, we have gone from a We Society to a Me Society in the World and the United States. Back then, if you got a flat tire someone would stop and help you, if a child got a bee sting or fell down someone would help them and fix them up, not so today in the Me Society! Sad isn’t it?



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