Childhood Dreams !

       Childhood Dreams, we all have them don’t we, I want to be like Dad, I want to be like mom, I want to rule the World, I want to be King or President, I want to be a Doctor, A Lawyer, a Chemist or something else.  We all have dream as children that are unfulfilled as we reach adulthood , sadly that is how life goes isn’t it? 

         I dreamed of walking on the moon, dissecting creatures to find out what made them live, comic book characters and stories of glory. I ran the woods as a kid, studying creatures small and large and exploring nature and finding myself happiest alone in those woods. I was dragged back to civilians and real life by parents who hated my disappearing that way, yet it wa sthe only place I felt safe, how about you? Did you dream of happiness, a family that was together and caring, a family of support and love and not find one? I know thats what happened to me, so I went out and as I grew older I adopted surrogate families and parents and people who cared. It was to me a natural reaction to a world filled with anger, pain, fighting, feuding and more, so I did it. What would you do I ask you?

        I grew up hoping to be a comic book hero and to save the world. I wanted to be the Flash, then the Green Lantern, one for speed to avoid trouble and reach it to stop it, and the other to will my way through life with a ring on my finger that could defend and protect me and save the world.  Later my fantasies would turn to being Captain America or Thor, or even a Member of The Fantastic Four, but none of that would happen of course, but comic books saved me, gave me morals to think on, and desires and dreams a child should have, good ones.

       My childhood was spent running the woods, reading comics and books and trying to stay away from a family that destroyed itself in violence and screaming and more, sad isn’t it? But, stop and think folks, more and more children are doing this these days in America, running from home to home looking for acceptance and caring and love, why? Because we are too busy making money and dreaming of where to spend it and to stay up with the Jones next door. I wish to God my childhood had been different, my older brother sad he wished we were rich growing up the last time I talked to him, me, I didn’t care about money we had enough and a home and clothes and food. What we didn’t have was a caring, compassionate family, and an environment of peace. We had violence, yelling, screaming, beatings, swearing and drinking and physical and mental pains. Why, well I think my step-father said it best as I was growing up once, as he said ” Some People are just not made to have children or to raise them”, He was talking about mom, but should have looked in the mirror too. Sad isn’t it how children get born to people who have no idea how to raise or care for them and who basically abuse them and ruin their addition to society by it all.

        So when we all look back at criminals, the mentally ill, the abused and dangerous, we forget to review their childhoods and their inner pains, problems and diseases they may have suffered through.  We should look closer and see if they are mentally ill, or really a societal menace or not, it would help to solve some things in life and the world.

        I will close this today, with a statement for all to think about, in the world and among the children are many who suffer endless abuse, sufferings, beatings and verbal abuse from parents who never wanted them or cared to have them. My greatest Question is this, Do the poor children in these situation, with Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyper-Activity, and more deserve what they get? No, so someone should do something or at least as a country and world we should be more aware of these things and try to help. If we can’t, then we are failing not only the children and their dreams, by the world as a human society!




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