Generational Differences and Why America Fails

      Changes it seems happen everyday and they call the changes advancements for mankind”s sake. Some I agree with entirely, like medical advances in machinery or medications or even physical therapies too. But the changes I disagree with are the ones our society and us as human beings, bring upon our own social life and family lives. I know it may sound silly, but the truth is the truth and as my parents would say, don’t bullshit me, or the world just tell us the truth and let us carry on.

Generations come and go like style sin the wind, but families in America change the way they raise their kids always. In my life time I have seen Americans family lives and styles change so much it is crazy.

As a child I was lucky to get Christmas Presents of clothes and regular toys or games. They usually consisted of clothing, board games, maybe a bike or sled or an erector set or microscope. A book was always a good thing too for quiet rainy or snowy days. But those things are not the same with today’s children for sure. They need to have electronic things, get me an X-box, or a PS3 or a Wii, or get me my personal PC. They want big screen TVs, HDTV, High end cable access for HD and Internet and more. A Little spoiled tain’t we kiddies. Then they want to bill mommy and daddy after they leave their home and family and start their own for dental and medical bills, like we are all Donald Trump or something!.  What’s with these kids today?

When I was a kid, no parent would put up with lying, stealing, cheating or disrespect either.A child knew they would be smacked upside the head or given a spanking for doing something wrong and that fear, made them fly right, not wrong.A parent didn’t care about will my child divorce me and leave my house, the kid didn’t have that right. What is with the world today?

Generations come and they go, the older generation that had recently mostly died off in America was the one raised in the 1930’s, and 40s. They were brought up with less and suffered somewhat economically and fought for everything they had. Then came the children of the 50’s and 60’s that  raised their children with more permissiveness then ever before and they grew up to be spoiled this new Generation. Then we get to the 70’s and 80’s Generation, the most disrespectful and crazy generation yet in American history. They disrespect their elders, they talk back to their parents and argue and fight with them and they want everything instantly, right now. Bullshit kiddies, not goanna happen. 

As I grow older myself, I see kids in stores crying and arguing for toys and electronics we never thought of having. You ask a kid today if they read a book, they will look at you like you are crazy, and tell you  they play video games watch TV and that’s it. Electronic Games, Video and otherwise are ruining out children really. They make them couch potatoes, and idiots in logical areas.   Most kids  today you ask them to shovel a walkway or to use a hammer or screwdriver they have no idea how to. Why, because we let them do as they please and a growing child is like running water it searches for a weak spot it can go thru and goes there to face the least resistance and the easiest way to flow and grow. Generations and times have changed indeed and so has America and the worlds children too.

Why are other countries like China, Brazil, France, Spain and Canada, out doing America on the open market and economically now? Just look at the permissiveness of the parents of these children who were born in the 80’s and 90s and onward till now and you will see, sometimes we all need to remember the old cliché, Spare the rod, spoil the child!. Sometimes a good spanking or smack keeps a kid working and productive instead of lazy and half brain dead.


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