World Series/Electronics/Obama Care/Economy/Stories

       Last night in Fenway Park the St. Louis Cardinals, evened the World Series with the Boston Red Sox at 1 game a piece. It was a good contest and they deserved the win, due to Boston’s Fielding errors and indecisions. But this World Series is far from over and like the Detroit Tigers found out there is no quit in the Red Sox, they can take one in St. Louis and still win the Series. I believe fully it will go at least six, maybe even seven games this year, the two teams are evenly matched pitching wise and the hitters on both clubs are equal in many ways with the line-ups they have, should be a good long Series this time around. Lets Go Red Sox I say, but, time shall tell who wins!.

         Electronics are becoming more and more complicated each day it seems, Apple comes out with mini I-Pads and other companies with more tablets. Companies are producing smaller computers and all in ones and more, even wristwatches are getting in on the act these days. The real question is, will mankind get lazy from just pushing buttons on devices and hitting the world through the internet and never moving in reality?  Is the future of mankind, going to be, strapped to an electronic device that will produce and do whatever they want so we never have to move again? If so I can tell you this much, humanity will die off if that is the case, no doubt about it! Television are getting, bigger clearer, watches connect to the internet, everyone is GPSing, and more, people are plugged into Gaming Consoles daily and lost in a world of make believe, so what will be come of mankind once the world is all internet and electronic? You tell me folks, the facts are the electronic world is slowly overcoming man’s physical and mental abilities and making some already into tech junkies and tech zombies! Sometime advances are terrific for mankind and other times they can kill us all off! Be careful folks in what you do and what you want, ok!

        Next subject, Obama Care is constantly in the news, the site don’t work, the Republicans and Tea Party wants to defund and shut it down, the fight continues folks. But I ask you one thing, if ObamaCare is so bad for so many as the Republicans and the Tea Party say, then, why not let it start up and fix the Web Site and see for ourselves if it is good or bad? I know The republicans don’t want any form of laws or bills associated with a Democrats name or label passing thru and working, because it makes them look too stupid to do it themselves. Plus, if they are so sure how horrible it is why don’t they just shut up, fix the Web Site and let it fail, by 2016 then, it will make them look like geniuses and the Democrats look like idiots and they can win the White House, right? Guess what, wrong  they rail and rant about it, but in the end they also know they can’t come up with a better health care system or plan themselves, so they want to tear it down to make themselves look good is all! Sad isn’t it? I remind the American People of one thing you should consider before trying to remove OBama Care, if Britain and Canada can have National Health care coverage for all their citizens and make it work why can’t America?

         As October comes slowly to a close, and the Holiday Season approach starting with Halloween and then Thanksgiving, I remind everyone to be safe, spend within your budget, and save as much as you can. We have no idea what foolish shit Congress, the Tea Party and republicans and yes, even the democrats may do next! Money will be vital and tight and so will America’s economy until Congress and Washington decide to get their shit in one sock so to say and pass a longer lasting budget and debt ceiling answer.

         On that note folks I give you links to my short stories about Christmas and hope some will buy them and help an old blogger, and disabled veteran out by buying a few copies from me. One discusses the Christmas that almost wasn’t for my family as a kid, I called it;— The Flying Christmas Tree,

           The Second is a Story about the real meaning of Christmas; I called it:                       

  – The Importance of Christmas

           Please give them a try and I hope you will enjoy them both and pass them on to others!






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