Cancer Fight

      Cancer, a word no patient or family wants to hear when it comes to them or their families! I know I have heard it too many times myself. 

       Cancer has followed me it seems like a bad dream or nightmare most of my life starting with a girl I met in High School till now my 57th year of life and even a bit before that girl. The year I first heard the word cancer was 1971, when my Grandfather died of it in a Nursing Home. Then, it came up with the girl in my High School years and she got Ovarian cancer yet still lives today. It scared me then and still scares me today.

        Cancer still followed me around  till 1984 when I was called by my Aunt to New Jersey on ThanksGiving Weekend and told my real father had died in the hospital of Lung Cancer. I attended the wake of course and moved on in life. Then in 1990 after my Naval service and going through a divorce, I returned home, upon arriving I found out my step-father had cancer too and he died in October of 1990. At the same time we were all hit with the fate of our mother, who had been diagnosed with Lung Cancer also in July 1990 and died October 1991 following her Husband one year and a day later. We buried her with her husband and both were cremated as requested.

      Later it was brought to my attention my ex-wife had gone through Breast Cancer also, and survived after the divorce. My race from this nasty disease called Cancer was on for decades and I never realized it at all, it was chasing me through the years.

      In the 1990’s I met my second wife, 1993 to be precise. We dated and I moved in with her. As time went on we had to sell the big home she had in the country, and move too a cheaper one, they call it downgrading. Anyway, seven years after meeting we married Officially in the backyard of our new home under Willow Trees.

       Six years after the marriage date, we were in Doctors Offices again, at least for me. My wife had now been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Of course I took her through the operation and chemotherapy and radiation and she survives today and still has both breasts. Thank God for miracles !

        Now, came August 2nd, 2013, and my phone rang. The Doctor on the other end told me they had found something on my Cat Scan in my lung. I went to see her and was referred to a  Pulmonologist, who then ordered a Pet Scan. They found on the Pet Scan a tumor in my right lung, middle lobe and told me it was Cancer.

          On September 3rd, 2013 I wash operated on at the West haven Veteran’s Hospital in Connecticut. My middle lobe of my right lung was removed with the tumor and sections of my upper lobe were checked too. I had Lung Cancer too and had survived it without needing Chemo or Radiation, it is now October 24th, 2013 and I live on.

          So In the End Ladies and Gentlemen I have survived what killed my father and mother and i am still here, thanks to the miracles of modern medicine and a great set of Doctors at the West Haven Veteran’s Hospital. From my Doctor Martzitelli, to Doctor Cain and to Doctor Kim, I offer my greatest thank you for saving my life and the great work they do.  Modern Medicine has come a long way since the 90’s even and so much further since the 1950’s when I was born, god bless all of you! Maybe one day it will stop chasing me around this nasty thing called cancer, I can only hope so!


 Please Help Fight Cancer for all. Lets Eradicate this Disease so no one suffers again!




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