World Series/Stories/CeeLo/Glitches/ Cancer

       Get ready Folks, It’s World Series Time Tonight!

        In Boston, Mass. At Fenway Park, The Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals begin at around 8 pm EST.  The World Series will open in Fenway Park this year after the red Sox’s biggest turnaround in history in a one year span.  Last year they lost 193 game this year they won that many and are still going! What a difference a few players and a new Manager make! Go Red Sox Go, win it all!

       Following is an address for my Christmas Stories on Amazon’s Kindle E-books online! – The Importance of Christmas— The Flying Christmas Tree

Please Try My Lil X-Mas Stories And Review! Let me know if ya like them!

       Ladies and Gentlemen, I am tired of people who become famous for whatever reason like singing, acting,politics or anything else, who rise up out of nowhere  then fall from grace due to crimes or drugs. The latest one to do so is Cee Lo Green of music and The Voice Fame. he had it made between his music and the show of which he is a star on many love to watch. Sadly his episode in LA. with drugs and a woman is just sadly an shaming item to me.  I hope it proves false and he doesn’t get 4 years in jail for the use of ecstasy on a woman. The sad part is he could probably date any woman he wanted , why revert to using drugs on one? I will never understand why, people who make it famous like this, do not think before they act and control themselves! I am not saying if he is Guilty or not guilty nor would I ever, the point is be more careful when famous please!

        Last thing today, ObamaCare or The Nation Health INsurance going into place now. Ladies and Gentlemen, computer glitches have happened to Google, Internet Explorer, Microsoft, and many others near the times of their launch, it will be repaired and fixed in reasonable time. As to the Market for Insurance under this program and law, well, it will improve in price and availability as more and more people sign up and get in the game so to speak. The MArket competition is just beginning as more people and companies are drawn into ObamaCare, just wait and see it will iron out. The sad part is the Republicans and the opposition to Obamacare will see when it works out much like it did in Britain and Canada.  All takes time to do so, believe me!

        Please Fight Cancer in all it’s forms folks! Donate to The American cancer Society, it took my Grandfather, it took my father, it took my mother and it almost took my wife and I. We are now Cancer Survivors here, my wife survived Breast Cancer and I Have now Survived Lung Cancer, it’s a deadly killing disease that should be wiped out period. I hope all will give so more can live!









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