Pets/Fate /Destiny/Life

      Pets are something many of us have and keep for their lives and to add some loving to our own, each day we live. A Puppy that barks and wiggles it rear and tail as it comes to you when you come home, a cat who meows and curls up in your lap in the evening, a bird that chirps or even fish in a tank of water.  They all seem to calm the human soul to help your physical and mental well-being as you go through life, and we seem to help them live their lives and be happy too. It really is a give and take when you take in a pet or two from a Humane Society or a Pound, they give back as much loving as you get from them and more and vice versa os to say. Almost like having children all over again, only they don’t talk back to you and tell you they hate you when they get mad at you!  If I can, if you’re lonely, or need a good friend adopt a dog, a cat and see your world change as they get to know you and you them, it helps both them and you folks.

       Fate it’s a simple word many understand I am sure, it’s the predestined things in life that can happen to us, because they were meant to be right? Well, maybe so, maybe not, I know when I was a kid I used to daydream dreams and avoid things that could hurt me or others. I would go to sleep at night and wake up knowing what to avoid the next day, because I would see sights of things I saw in my dreams and veer away from it all and survive. I don’t know if they call it a power or just a fantasy or just something some people have, I  only know what happened for me. fate is not always so, it is up to each of us to accept or deny it as we go along, as long as we have some awareness of it. 

        Destiny is something different  you see for we are destined for things we have no choice over, like who our parents are, what school we go to, who our friends maybe, what we grow up to be and more. we have absolutely no control over any of it then, so we accept what we were given and handed and we deal with it in the best way possible and make the best of it all. Yet it is not all destiny, or fate folks, there is determination, there is striving, working and doing what you can to make yourself the best you can be for yourself, for your family, for your loved ones and friends. You don’t need to fight with people, you don’t need to be mean or loud or prejudice or discriminating either, you just need to be accepting and friendly and do your own thing, have some morals, stands, ethics and be yourself no matter who you are or what you are,that is exactly what it is about folks. If you live on in people’s memories as a good soul who was kind and good to people and fair to all you win, and die peacefully.

        Was it fate for me to be born to the parents I was born to I have no idea, was it destiny for my daughters to be my daughters and their children theirs, no one knows for sure, we do know one thing, our children whether fully ours or half ours or adopted need us all and we protect, teach, feed, dress, wash and keep them close to our hearts, isn’t that, what life is all about?

        Awards we all earn in life for one reason or another in one way or another over time. There is no bigger award or reward though then to sit back in your 50’s, 60s. and see your grandchildren run around your home full of laughter and joy. Or to watch them learn something new and different and be amazed and tell you all about it. Awards I have for sure I did my 16 years in the service, got my Good Conduct Awards, my ribbons and more. I won my awards in college when I went back to school at 40 and learned how to Manage Hotels and Restaurants and do my thing to work again, but there is still no biggie reward then to hold a granddaughter a grandson in your arms or watch them play in your yard at home is there folks. Passing on to them, good memories, laughter, jokes and watching them grow is everything it’s what good in life, isn’t it?

       Lastly and not the least important thing for all of us to remember in life. If you find a partner, whether you are straight, or gay, and you love them, keep them, don’t run from them or push them away, they are what grounds you and gives you something and someone to come home to, thank them and tell them you love them and care and they will stay there!

        May your days be Blessed with Love, Joy, Family and Caring and Sharing! May your life be filled with the people and things you love to do best and never may they end up a mess!









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