Morning/ Red Sox/ My Story/ Tea Party?/ Planet Earth

      Good Morning America and The World! Happy Sunday, Fun day, to All as my baby sister would say!

      The Boston Red Sox have Eliminated the Detroit Tigers in Six games and advanced to the World Series in six games! Go Red Sox Go! Bobby Valentine can kiss our asses, He wrecked Boston’s Clubhouse and Attitude last season and is gone and what a turnaround for the Red Sox, From Last to First in the Division in one year and onto the World Series take that Valentine!

        Next as my story I am writing is growing and over 10,000 words now and not end in sight yet, I know I have to be careful about mentioning anyone by names before I publish it at all. I am going to have to change names because, I don’t want anyone’s privacy breached nor to hurt anyone at all! My purpose in writing the story I am doing, is to show how people and events make us who we are not the color of our skin, our nationality. And In my case certain people made me who I am by their actions and reactions to me and their acceptance of me, as a person. I hope I can stress that in my story and show the world what a life I have lived and how I overcame the bad times and enjoy the good times. Each of us is different as individuals folks, so no matter what you do in life always be yourself and strive for the best!

       Politics is always a subject with me in one way or another it seems.  The biggest thing about it is, so many politicians exist in America it is silly to get a grip on it, We don’t have just two parties anymore, Democrats and Republicans, now we have the Tea Party to deal with too. We had enough confusion and turmoil with two, do we need the Tea Party too?  Sadly, I think not, but I am sure the Tea Party itself and it’s members and loyalists will say you need us to lower taxes and for a third opinion. America is big enough for it of course, but can someone with logic and an education and brain get in the tea Party and tell them not to ruin America’s Economy and more!  Before you run for major offices in our Government can you learn self-control, logic and be more careful so you don’t cost America another 24 Billion Dollars!

       Planet Earth, Mass we live upon as it rotates in space and circles  the sun, is having it’s resources which keep it alive and us with it depleted by mankind at a greater rate than it can ever re-create them. Mankind is polluting the air, oceans and killing species left and right to survive.  Do we really believe these resources which come from the planet and nature will replenish themselves at the rate we are removing them, I doubt it! We mine the planet, the oceans, the animals and each other at such a rate, we will sooner or later deplete it all and leave a barren earth behind and no place for out future generations of humans to survive on! Sad isn’t it folks, we are much too damn greedy in this world, that we shall one day find ourselves extinct too. I don’t know if humankind arrived here from elsewhere like Mars or another Planet or we became here so to say, but I do know, we are murdering the planet, atmosphere, animals and oceans and mining out the earth at a rate that will extinguish it’s soul and kill us all off and the planet too! Sadly, mankind will have to figure this out soon or be gone!  One ore thing to consider for Americans and the World, We have historic facts and proof that nations and republics die off on this world. The American Indian Nation, The Aztecs, The Incas, The Romans all, fell from grace based on the inability to communicate and the lack of resources to survive. Will America be next because we are too damn greedy and want it all for us, or can we change and survive longer than they did?







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