What Do we Control?/Red Sox/ Writing

        Welcome to the real world is what I say, when someone says oh look, tain’t that cute, or look isn’t that terrible! The Truth is we don’t control too many things in the world for us to realize or really control our fate or destiny. There are too many random events and occurrences in nature, life and people to control the world. We can’t control the fates of a baseball game or a football or basketball game or any other sport. We can’t control the fates or destinies of Politicians or teachers, or lawyers or anyone other than ourselves to a point. The fact is, we learn from experience and in order to get experiences we have to make mistakes. Think about it, when your a baby learning to walk and talk, you mispronounced words someone corrects you till you get it right, when you go to walk, until you learn balance you fall and have to keep trying right? Well those are acts of learning and fate and destiny too, like life and death, rich or poor, happy or sad. Fate, destiny, Mother Nature and Father Time actually rule the world not us. We control what money does, or how we do something, we don’t control things belonging to fate or destiny and never will. The reason we don’t control it all is simple, we weren’t born to, we are born for a purpose folks, some of us have purposes, beyond our own knowledge and when we reach them either by fate or destiny we are taken back to where we came from to never return again. Each person has missions to complete, some more intense and complicated than others, but we all do them, for it is what we were brought to life to do.  The real question for all of us and the scientists out there is simple what gives us this spark of life to live as long as we do and where did we really come from in the first place?  Good Question right, recently some have said, as we reach for the stars and planets with life elsewhere in our universe and galaxy, that mankind may have not been created here on earth. We may have come from Mars or another planet out there, transferred to Earth to save our human race from destruction. I don’t know for sure where we came from, but we all know earth provides what we need to survive. 

Here is the big question left for all to answer, How Long will it be before mankind, the human race depletes the resources of the planet Earth and ceases to exist or has to more on to another world and go through another change? We don’t know do we, yet we keep depleting the planet, polluting it and ravaging it till the resources begin to disappear, Species are dying off or being killed off, the air we breathe is polluted more each day and night, the oceans are polluted and we dig and dig all we can out of the planet. How long and how much is left to dig out and ruin and pollute? There has to be a limit, isn’t there? Stop and think folks, if the water goes where do you go? If the air is unbreathable what do you breathe? If you kill all animal and eat them what is left for meat, you and I, do we eat one another then?  All good questions right and no forthright real answers are out there, why because we can’t find them, for somethings are indeed left to destiny and fate!

Whew after that deep thought, it is onto my favorite subject this month, The Red Sox of Boston! Tonight is Game Six of The American League Championship Series. The Detroit Tigers are in Boston for this game and the Seventh game too if it gets there. Home Field Advantage belongs to The Red Sox and you can bet, the Red Sox  fans will be in full spirits and happiness to have them at home. We shall support the Red Sox win, lose or draw of course for if all the fans are like me, we bleed red!  Clay Buchholz  will have his hands full at Fenway Park with the Tigers Batting order, but, is there any better pitcher we can have on the mound for this one? The Red Sox will have to beat the ace of the Tiger’s pitching staff in Game Seven if they don’t win it tonight. So they need tonights game and to move on to the World Series now! Go Red Sox Go, and Know you have millions of fans cheering you on and I am one!

Trying to write a book, a story, a poem or anything worth while takes time, it takes effort and it takes skill and language  skills too. To draw someone in to a story is not easy, to keep their attention and to keep them reading is not easy, but I am attempting this one, because I hope to make it work. I am now over 10,000 words into the story, which covers me, Who or what makes me , me? Is what I call it. I hope when done I can explain all the people who affected my life and made me who I am today by showing how the events and people touched and changed me. It is not the color of your skin, what race, or nationality that make syou you, it is the way you are taught, treated and interact with those around you, that does it. That explains I hope the point of what i am writing, wish me luck folks, I am going to need it, to get it done properly. In the end I will more than likely need an editor and a publisher to get it finished and sold, I am hoping I can do this to make money and to accomplish the feat or act itself. Thanks for reading my blog folks and I shall return with more entries in the near future!






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