Government Bickering/Red Sox/Story

      I tire of Government bickering between the Parties and now we have a third-party within the Republican Party that grew big enough to effectively shutdown the Government of the biggest economic and military power in the world, it’s crazy! The Republicans say this, the Democrats say that, the Tea Party steps in and everything goes haywire  what the hell is wrong with these politicians? You all tell me, please!  Can the worlds best country, and economic power and military power, whose dollar is the basis for the world monies, get its act straight? I have no idea, but I know one thing, it better get it down by the dates they set forth, or when the 2013 and 2014 elections come about here, guess how many will be out of a job in the House and Senate.  The American people can only take so much!

Next subject, The Boston Red Sox are now one game away from an appearance in the World Series for 2013. In a pitching performance of Jon Lester and the relievers for Boston they stopped Detroit from coming back and won, in a heated contest in Detroit last night. Looking at this as a Baseball Fan and a Red Sox one of course I must admit it has been an interesting series so far and I am sure the ending will be too, coming Saturday in Fenway Park, Boston. Whether they win Saturday or Sunday won’t make much difference to Boston Fans, but Detroit is no push-over period in Boston or Detroit. I say the Red Sox will I am sure be favored as they should be on their home field and in Fenway Park, but do not get the attitude you have won it yet, Detroit will fight. Fenway park and the Home crowd as you tenth man on the field will help you true, but Detroit is one hell of a team in their own right, so Fight Red Sox, Fight and remember you have to want it more to get there!

I have begun a new story, and  I hope it will be good enough to sell online . But writing takes time  so does going over the memories of life to do so. I hope I am honest and straight forward about what makes ,me,me and who helped me to find myself where, we shall see.

            9,106 words into my story now and I am just hitting my stride and about to enter the 12 year Navy Span. It should be interesting to explain that career, the marriage, the kids and the injuries as well as the ups and downs and adventures in the world. I am trying not to mention real names to protect the innocent or not offend anyone either so, names will be changed or only first names used when I finish and edit it all. God Bless all and Have a Happy Day!



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