Senator Cruz,s Bill/ Writing/Media/Red Sox

      The Whole Debt Ceiling/ Budget struggle was an exercise in unnecessary behavior and action by elected officials in Washington, that has now cost the American Taxpayers at least Twenty Four Billion Dollars from our economy and set back the creation of jobs in America and hurt the reputation of America in the world’s eye. The Man who started the mess is the fine Senator from Texas Ted Cruz, and I believe as a tax paying American citizen who cares for his country and served it for sixteen years, Mr. Cruz deserves the bill for it all. The Congress and American Government should send Mr. Cruz the bill for at least 2 billion dollars, payable within a reasonable period of time of the term of his Senate tenure. That way he will learn a lesson and so will the other stupid politicians in Washington, DC. I don’t know what Senator Cruz was trying to prove other than to get his face noticed and attention for future political contests, if he runs for President. But I do know one thing for sure , no decent voting American Citizen will ever forgive Senator Cruz for his actions and what he cost America. Send him a bill for the price of 24 Billion or take his home, car and savings as he took millions of others Americans, just to prove a point.

         I have begun a new period of writing of a different nature for me, it is now at a over 8,000 word beginning and I hope it will be worthy of being read and understood by many and hopefully sell when I finish it. Writing for me is therapeutic, helpful to my soul, and in my opinion the stories I write can help others too.  I write not just for me, but for my audience and to let out feeling trapped inside me. So I hope people will understand and enjoy them. We shall see when this one is finished.

          Media is my last rant, the media makes a fiasco out of anything and everything and I wish they would be more responsible in how they handle the news! I agree you have lots of air time to fill on news stations and it helps pay the bills, but, at least report things that need reporting not garbage please. I see so many stories on the news that have no business being here just filling air time for stations like CNN I tired of listening to it all and shut my Television down. I am sure many other AMericans are doing the same thing, sadly we don’t have a choice in what you report, but, if we want the news your there 24/7, so please fill the air time better, no more bullshit and unworthy stories. I think Cnn was better with news when it belonged to Ted Turner but thats me.



The above Photo says it all, Let’s Go Red Sox. Lets Go!




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