Simple Pleasures

      Growing up I remember simple pleasure few other families had, happening in our home as well as bad memories too. But I prefer to remember the good and forgive the bad and move on with life, it is how it should be, you accept what you have and make the best out of it all.

        I remember fishing trips with Dad, boating and swimming, I remember growing up and finding out about women. I remember the good days when dad and I worked side by side building our home and the stone wall. I remember trips to the World’s Fair, Danbury Fair, Horse Back Rides and laughter too. These are the things in life that make me and you.

        I remember reading comic books and tales of fantasies, true stories and even romances you see. I remember the laughter when one of our teams won a Baseball Game or a Football Game, I remember mom and dad’s anniversary every year with lobsters in the pot cooking and mom getting her lox and bagels. I remember Christmas’s that had presents across the living room for all five of us kids. I remember the home made pizzas and lasagnas dad did. In the end in life it is the simple pleasures in life that count most.

        I remember the days my daughters were born, and how my heart jumped with joy and it became warm. I remember when they learned to walk and talk and laugh and cry, ah how I remember those days and I know why!  I remember the first time I saw my own grandkids for the first time, and how my heart filled with joy for each little girl and boy. I remember quiet moments sitting back watching them play and laugh, God what fun to see and have. Now I am older and time has come and gone, and I face my mortality as I go on. But I will always remember the simple pleasures, the hugs, the kisses the laughter, the tears, it is all, what makes us, who we are through the years! The stories of family and love you see, they will always be a part of you and me.! So as you struggle to survive, and you feel down or depressed one day, look back at the Simple Pleasures of life and you will find a smile and memory to carry you through! I have a few photos that make me smile of my life today I can share with you, there are no people in them you see, they are just simple pleasures and photos of things I learned to love and enjoy that keep me free.Image

My BackYard at Sunset, so natural and pure!


My Front Yard Cherry Tree in full Bloom!


My Cat FOO FOO, in her chair all sleepy and happy and content!

These are the Simple Pleasures life is made to enjoy.

Have a Good Day folks! And Thanks for checking my blog out now and then!




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