Television/ShutDown/Red Sox Nation/Veterans

      Entertainment these days is so far spread and wide and comes in so many varieties it is hard to group it all together in one place. The entertainment I am speaking of  is television and the fact cable and others have provided so many channels it is crazy to try to watch them all. You get over 180 channels with cable boxes and have everything from sports to old movies and old television shows to boat in reruns. Xfinity now has a box to allow you to record 4 shows while you watch a fifth as does Tivo, but who has time unless you don’t work to watch it all?  Choice is what the cable and satellite companies are betting on to stay in business each day and nite. It seems to work for Americans!

        I can remember back to the 1960’s, when television was still black and white, and television station we got were, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the New York Channel that made it here, by way of antennas.  The old shows like The Munsters, The Addams Family, the Original Batman (campy one), Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, the Wonderful World of Disney, McHales. Navy, My Favorite Martian, and more filled the air waves. There were no swear words or vulgarities allowed back then, the censors controlled what came on and parents controlled what their kids watched. What happened to those days folks, and why can’t entertainment companies and producers, come up with clean comedies, clean police shows like Dragnet, or old style westerns like GunSmoke and Rawhide? What happened to the industry, now it is blood and guts, killings and stupidity on Television, why?

          Next Subject, ShutDown, why? As the American people, veterans and more suffer due to Congress shutting down our government, the Senator and Congressmen and women, get full pay, full benefits and a gym to play in too? Sadly, this is wrong folks, the Republicans and the Tea Party think this is a game of one upmanship or winner take all, it’s not? It’s turning into the worst disaster in American Political History fast. Oh we are spoiled little brats and we lost the fight on Obamacare, so lets make Americans pay, by shutting down the government, taking away social security payments, disability payments for veterans and closing parks and more. On top of it they furlough medical personnel from Va. Hospital and cut back needed care.! Are you people sick, people can’t refinance their homes, they can’t get loans, they can’t pay rent and electric bills, why, because the Republicans act like spoiled children! Wake up! It’s time to end this before we default on our bills period, pass a damn budget, fund the Government, open it up to run and raise the damn debt ceiling, stop blackmailing the American People and President Obama and lets go, you lost, admit it and move on!

         As The Red Sox and their nation await the winner of the Oakland and Detroit Series, I yell go Red Sox!!!! I don’t care who they play next and win or lose I will always be a Red Sox fan, I bleed Red for them!  The Red Sox Nation will support the team no matter what and we are the greatest fans in Major League baseball period. Boston is a special town in many ways and its teams and people deserve the best, take it from a Boston Red Sox fan from age five till 57 and further on. Nothing better than to see the Red Sox win!


As a disabled military Veteran who served his country honorably, for many years mind you, I don’t plan on fading into the woodwork or disappearing. But as time goes on I get more and more hobbled and need more and more help to walk.  The injuries from my service time are  now mounting up more or less and removing some mobility from me, now and then. For a person who ran track and played sports in High school days, to one who now needs a cane to walk.

Injuries come in many shapes, sizes and forms, and believe me I have more then a few. I suffer from chronic back pain, caused by degenerative disc disease. I herniated 3 discs in my lower spine, and three in my neck also. Walking is becoming painful and I have had to start using a cane now at 55, which is actually a young age. Never thought I would look at a cane in my life as a device I needed or would even think about using but I am.

Injuries come in many shapes and sizes as I said, sleep apnea starts up, then I get around to PTSD bouts, and then the back goes again. Endless cycles of pain and suffering make me want to disappear from the world in many ways.  I hate high stress and tensions and any pressures being placed upon me, and ultimately this leads to short bouts of depression. Who am I, I am an American Veteran who served his country is who I am!

As disabled veterans all over the country will tell you, we do the best we can under the circumstances we have and normally we do not cry. We have our pride, and we would rather suffer in pain and silence then cry out loud for help, unless we really need it.  Sadly though there does come a time, when we do need some form of help to carry on. It happens to all of us in the end, I believe.

You can only deny or ignore or push thru injuries for so long, before they make you ask for pain meds, muscle relaxers and more. And once you do ask for the help of these drugs, physical therapies, and more, it becomes a spiraling circle of back and forth and in and out of Veteran’s Hospitals. Sadly you can’t escape it anymore, you need the help.

Pride and Determination can only carry a Veteran so far, and we veteran’s we do not like to cry in pain. Each day we survive is a victory in and of itself for us. I am no where near as bad off as many other Veterans out there who lost limbs and more, but it doesn’t mean I don’t hurt, it just means I don’t cry!

       Thank You for reading my Blog! have a Good day all and Best Wishes!




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