Aging and Anger/Red Sox!/Pain/Poem

      Aging is a pain in the ass! We all wear out our bodies and spirits as we age, we are so busy living and having a good time, we don’t stop to think, what it may mean for ourselves, in our over 50 times. We bruise ourselves, we cut ourselves, drive ourselves beyond our limits to reach goals and in the end, we all end up the same, injured  disabled or at least sick in someway. The driven person does this to get where they want to be and to build a reputation to make the God Given American dollar! Then Congress and the men and women we elected to it can’t even agree on a damn budget and now want to use the debt ceiling to get their way? What the hell kinda bullshit is Ted Cruz pulling in Washington, and why? Stop the GOP, Stop Ted Cruz, stop the goddamn shut down and lets get on with the American Government and business, please! There is no excuse for the GOP doing this at this time, nor for Ted Cruz to keep this up, Stop the bullshit GOP, lets put America back to running once again. Write Ted Cruz online and tell him enough!

       Next, The Boston Red Sox go to Tampa Bay today to play game three against the Rays. Go Red Sox, Go is all I can say, open up and hit, hit, hit , score, score, score and win, win, win!


        My Recovery had a recent set back. I lifted a dehumidifier upstairs in my home and think I pulled tendons or ligaments in my rib cage over my surgery wounds. Now it hurts to breath and walk because my chest sags on that side a bit and makes it harder to keep breathing. I know it will heal, but the pain and pulling just makes life miserable for me. Ia keep taking tramadol and ibuprofin to kill the pain is all. All I can do is hang on and hope it heals.

        I haven’t been writing any new stories folks, due to trying to recover. My poems and stories are all on Wattpad and Amazon’s Kindle for all to read and I hope buy. My writing is kinda on hold due to all of this lung cancer surgery and it being too much to sit too long in front of my computer to do so. So please forgive me for not, writing at this time.

       Today I shall leave you with another of my poems, I hope you will like it!


                    Special Angel

                       By: William             


She graces us with her presence each day,

Each of us see her in our own way.


She is here though, in all ways for us,

A beauty with charm and grace,

An Angel that brings light,

To, all of our hearts, right down, to our deep, dark parts.


Her presence is mostly in silence and strength,

But her beauty shines through,

Each word she speaks causes a pause,

Each laugh an applause.


She knows not that she is the Angel we adore,

Because so many of us don’t say it enough,

Of that I am sure!.


We appreciate her polite ways,

Her style, her grace,

The smile, on, her face.


She is like the hostess from above,

And she brings hope and love.


Heaven sent her down to us from above,

An angel with peace, intelligence, humor and grace,

It beams from the smile in her voice and face,

And she spreads her love all over us in this place.


We don’t tell her we notice or that we care,

Well this is my way of saying to you, you angel,

That we do care, and my way of letting you know I do share.




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