ShutDown/MLB/Recovery/Story Link

      As the Shutdown of the US Government continues, at a cost of 300 million dollars per week, and damage to our international status on the monetary front and economic front period, it is also affecting our status on the leader front. Other countries look at us and go they elect officials that don’t agree with one another and can’t get a damn thing done? What is wrong with Congress, the House and Senate?  And yes I have heard it’s ObamaCare or the new Healthcare Law, but in fact it is not! What it is , is the Republican Party and Tea Party  playing a game of chicken to get attention is all! We are the Tea Party we want to be noticed, well we notice you all already, and if you keep going we will notice you more and kill the Tea Party by never electing another one of you! Enough is enough,  Stop the ShutDown and lets get moving along, next will be the Debt Ceiling Argument and that will be a pain in the ass too due to these stupid political and childish games you’re all playing in Congress! Fix this or get the hell out of office I say, it’s not a game it’s America’s business not yours!

Next subject- The Major League Baseball Playoffs have begun on the Divisional Level. My Boston Red Sox won the first two games of theirs in Fenway Park behind Lester and Lackey, next up in Tampa will be Bucholtz the young man who can win the third even in Tampa in my opinion if he holds up well. Go Red Sox Go!

One More comment on Major League Baseball— If a Drug user can stay in baseball and keep his records intact as in  Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees, shouldn’t baseball lift the ban on Peter Rose and let his records and name in the Hall of Fame?

Ok, my surgery went well on September 3rd, as all by now know, my middle lobe of my right lung and samples of my upper lobe were taken out and a 2.9 centimeter tumor was removed with the lobe. My Breathing and surgical wounds are healing nicely except for a cough I get that makes me hack now and then. I believe it will let up sooner or later and I will be fine, if it doesn’t I will go back and see the doctors and have them help me get rid of it. The only other complaint I have on this point, is an incision my surgeon did located over the bottom rib of my right rib cage. It cause a lump there and I sleep on my stomach and it gets painful and wakes me up at night. It also causes a pulling motion during the day and a discomfort with any shirt I wear. I suppose it will heal and go away soon too.

I did a lousy job predicting Football last week so I shall not be doing it again!

Next I shall leave you with a link to my Story about me as a child, I hope some will read it and see we do not all grow up equally in America, just because we are in the land of the free. Some of us have medical reasons, others family reasons, so here is the link to my story;


Thank you to all for reading my Blog and Happy Sunday folks!


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