Stop the Shutdown/Red Sox/My Writings/Poem

        As we enter another day of the Government Shutdown at a cost of over 300 million a day, the Politicians in Washington sit around the House and Senate and point fingers at each other, blaming one another for the shutdown and mess the country is in! Why is that? Because they are all full of themselves and so big headed and stubborn that they just want their own way, how about growing up and figuring out there is no your way or my way, there is the USA Way. How about thinking oh, I don’t care if I lose face or if anyone points at me and says I am wrong, I am doing this for the American People and getting the Government opened is more important! Millions of people are hurting in an economy that needs help to deliver jobs and circulate money, and you people in Congress just want to argue over a law that was passed 3 to 4 years ago and is already law and now in effect? Wake the hell up assholes, you are arguing for nothing now, it’s done, over with and will never be repealed, move the hell on, pass a budget and raise the damn debt ceiling before you topple us from the number one country down the ladder to about number ten or twenty! What would Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and Adams have done in this case, surely not let the country they built go to ruin!

Next subject, The Boston Red sox begin the Playoffs today in the American League Divisional Playoffs at Fenway Park, versus The Tampa Bay team.  As a Diehard Red Sox fan, I support my Red Sox in every way and know  they will give the Playoffs their all. Win Boston Win, Lets go Red Sox! One game at a time and keep the bats smoking and the pitchers hot. Lets roll through, and see how far you can go this year! I love my Boston Red Sox, and I am glad I finally got a chance this year to see them play in Fenway Park and beat the Yankees too on September 14th, 2013. Was  a Perfect day to see my first Red Sox Game and Fenway Park for the first time in my 57 year old life. Yes 11 days after my lung cancer surgery, I got to sit 5 rows back from the field, almost next to the Red Sox Dug Out and watch Jon Lester pitch 8 great innings of baseball and beat  our rivals the Yankees. One of the best treats of my life ever.

Last note for the day, I have been told some of my stories are disjointed and confusing to some, and my poetry is pretty decent. As I try to write new ones in the near future, I will be reviewing all I do write and trying to make it all more clear and readable to all. As a writer I try to express feelings and emotions in what I do write, and pass it on to the reader without dragging it all out, thus the shorter stories I do. I hope to  make them easier to read, more engrossing and more detailed too. Plus invent much better plot lines. As to my poems I tend to write them from my heart and pass them on as I go along I hope they work for all.

Last thing a Poem for all:            

Hot July Night
The sun burned all day against her skin,
The body shined with perspiration and sweat,
She swayed to the music of the night,
And I watched and wanted her all night.

I approached with careful looks and gently you see,
To, find out if she would accept me.

Her eyes were coals of black staring back,
And I swear my heart had an attack.

We whispered in each others ear,
As hands roamed over each over,
And to each others rear.

The passion grew as we held each other tight,
Breathing coming in large short breaths as our passions rose.

I playfully patted her on her ass, and she whispered more,
So I applied more swats and smacks for her and saw her hold her shudders back.

She whispered to me, she wished to be alone,
Let’s go to my place, my home.

In we walked passions high, and our bodies close,
She whispered to me, I want you the most.

I pulled her close by her hips,
And gently kissed her with my lips,
Our tongues entwined and a fire started inside to burn,
For we both had a passion that needed to be met,
And she wished to be mine and a pet.

I gently ran my fingers in her hair, as second hand grabbed her by her rear,
I squeezed both cheeks and smiled, then smacked them as the clothes fell to the floor,
Wait she said, I must go and lock the door.

With baited breath, and a tingle in my loins I awaited her return,
Yes we had a passion that burned.

Each touch, each caress, caused our passion to rise,
And I could see the passion in her eyes,
For to her each smack, each swat, each touch,
Raised her passion oh so much

She swayed and moaned, breasts hanging down, breathing hard,
Her moans growing louder and louder, her passion showing prouder and prouder,
The moment had come you see,
She wanted all of me.

Slowly I laid her back, and started my attack,
Licking slowly down her body, and taking in each inch of her satin skin,
Licking some places harder and softer, and hearing her moans once again.

Gently I grabbed her by her ass, and spread her thighs oh so wide,
Plunging my manhood deep inside.

As we made love so slow and then faster and faster,
I heard her scream as she came, I love you, you bastard.

What a special night it was, both all out of breathe you see,
And knowing I belonged to her and her to me,
All, on that hot July Night!





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