ShutDown Solution/Recovery/Thank you!

      The Shutdown continues and not one politician has any idea on how to stop it? What the hell is this folks, it’s a game of brinkmanship and childish behavior that has to end! While these politicians play who will give first, and what will we get if we give, millions of Americans suffer and chance losing homes, losing jobs and livelihoods and the Veterans are angry because their benefits are at stake now, the elderly are upset over possible loss of Security and Medicare and Medicaid, and these people ho hum it all in Washington not doing their jobs. What we all need to do is vote all of them out of office in 2014, and redo it all !. Sadly, they are doing this in between election periods, and there is not much one can do is there? Recalls can be held on certain people elected to office always remember that folks, so I suggest Americans get together find all the Tea Party assholes, that were elected causing this mess and do recalls to have them replaced in office.

My recovery is going along well folks in case anyone wants to know. I am walking, and breathing better after one month, from surgery. My lungs are clearing up and the surgical wounds are healing well. My coughing is still here at times I believe not from my surgery, but from sinus drips, which I hope shall stop soon. I hate hacking and never had it before the two surgeries, I had this year. The first was a sinus surgery in January, and now the lung surgery in September. So, hopefully it shall all work out soon!

Next, I want to Thank all who read my blog for doing so, and to inform all I shall be writing new stories I hope in the near future as my health increases. I have more bottled up in me than many would consider or think about. My life has ranged from my immediate family, to Institutions, to teenage years filled with romances and hate, and separations, to surrogate parents who helped raise me and on the military and more. In the life I have led I have been married twice, had two children, and lived and traveled as much as I can. So I am hoping I can pass on some of those stories, and even some I can fabricate and make up also. For now I shall see you all next time, when I hope to give more thoughts, ideas, rants, raves and yes poems for all to read!





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