Shut Down/Republicans/Recovery/Red Sox/Writing

        The Unknown is a place many of us experiment with in our lifetime as we grow up and grow older. Each human does this every day of their life, when we delve into our own sexuality, our own capabilities, our own way of living and human nature in general. But this is not, what Congress is supposed to do, when running the country or setting a budget or debt ceiling! What the hell is wrong with these so called elected officials, in Washington? Here is a little thought you stupid politicians in Washington in The House and Senate, each time you shut down the U.S. Government it costs us millions a day and it cost twice as much to restart it all. 

The Republicans have to learn they can’t blackmail the Presidency or the Senate, yet the Senate and The President have to remember they shouldn’t allow the american people to suffer for their fight either. Health Care,  the Obama care is it folks, it’s law, it will not be repealed it will not go away, and no democrat will allow it to be dismembered or disassembled. Wake the hell up in Washington and stop this childish fight like a couple of children fighting over a cookie in a cookie jar, because in the end the jar falls through and smashes to pieces!

Next subject, after Cancer Surgery on September 3rd, 2013, I have begun to recover slowly, my surgical wounds healing nicely, but my breathing is still a slight problem a month later due to a hacking cough I have. Today, I will go to Oncology to see what they say about further treatment and to be checked. I was told by my primary Doctor and a Pulmonologist I shouldn’t need any chemo or radiation, but like they say the proof is in the pudding, the specialist must look and see. So is not a ride I am happy about going, but it needs to be done to make sure. 

Next, I was just thinking today, about my Boston Red Sox and the Playoffs, they come up for the Divisional Round come Friday. They will play either tampa Bay or Cleveland, and I am hoping they are ready, and up to it all, we don’t need an October Collapse!  So Go Red Sox Go!

Last Subject today, when I write I write for fun, to let things out, to express long lost feelings of hate, love, bliss joy, and more. My poetry and stories are not the world’s best for I am not Hemingway, nor can I quote the Raven of Shakespeare. I am not Dan Brown or my old favorite Author who passed now some years ago Robert Ludlum, but I try to make it readable and I am still a writer in process of learning. Sometimes I drift and sometimes I use the wrong language or words, but at least I try. It seems some enjoy my poetry more than my stories and vice versa too, so when I restart writing again, I shall try to do both and slow down to make things better for all to read.The ultimate joy, for me in writing is to let feelings and thoughts flow, and to let it all out in a responsible yet decent way.

Thanks to all who read my blogs, stories and poems as they sit now! And I hope to improve my style of writing and what I say so you can read much more of my works. God Bless all of You and America Too!



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