Jackson’s Truth/ Mr. Speaker/America’s DownFall

       Michael Jackson the King of Pop, is dead folks, face the facts ok!  He was over 50 years old when he died and he died not at the hands of a man with a gun. He died because he was a drug addict in many more ways than one. I agree he had one hell of a musical career in his days, and could dance his ass off, but he also never knew when to stop doing anything and did all to excess. He spent like he was the King of the World, he abused himself with drugs and rejected interventions by his family and friends, to save his life. What makes anyone including Mr’s Jackson his mother, think that a Promoter like A&E had anything to do with his death. You got Conrad Murray for administration the propforal  to him and he is serving his time for doing so. Now you want a promoter whose job it is to make money, by selling shows, Michael agreed to do to pay you and his kids 1.2 billion ?. Why?  

       Mr’s Jackson while I am sorry for the lose of your son to you and his own children, don’t you think it is time to face reality here?  At some point in time, you must admit, Michael asked for the drugs he took, he shopped from Doctor to Doctor to find one to get it for him, he begged for it’s administration to himself, and he  would fire and push away anyone who got in his way of getting it!.  Michael will always be remembered as The King of Pop and a great entertainer, but you are now tainting his image by pursuing this case in court.  I know his children want the money and believe they need it, the truth is they don’t, they just want to blame someone else for their fathers death, not Michael himself. Sadly, no amount of money will change the facts, Mrs. Jackson, MIchael ultimately under stress, tension and pain, took his own life through a proxy is all. Sadly, Michael Jackson’s memory, and reputation is not being made to look like a joke, because, no one will believe or tell the truth and let it die like he did!.

That was rant one for this Sunday, Rant #2- The House and The Speaker, and The Republicans. This is one sorry ass Speaker of the House who can’t stand up to his own party and tell them, look Obamacare is law, we can’t repeal it, we can’t get away with defunding it, and we are only going to hurt ourselves and the country and it’s people if we cause a shutdown, so lets pass the damn bill the Senate sent, and raise the debt ceiling and get on with life, liberty and the pursuit of the American dream!. Mr. speaker my ass, how about Mr. Kiss Ass instead!

A Republic is what America lives as and probably will forever until we destroy ourselves and we have begun the process slowly and without regard for future generations. Presidents have tried to maintain the road we need to stay great and prosperous in the future as a nation, yet they have failed due to the system in place. we are not now, and maybe will never be the economic mighty machine we once were, due to weak decisions and turmoil among the parties and people who run this country. You can’t get a democrat and republican to sit down and agree on a cup of coffee, never mind what is really good for the american people!. It is  a sad time in the Republic and it looks like the beginning of the downfall of one of the greatest republics in world history. The other republics fell before us as did other great dynasties.  The Aztecs, The Mayans, The Romans and more, why because in the end they too became too fractured and too concerned about the rich and mighty and forget the lowly and poor! It is happening again, in America like it did in many other great nations! I have ranted enough on this one  so I shall end it here for now, But please stop and think it over Congress, for America can only withstand so much bullshit and survive!

I would like to thank all who read my blog for doing so. In the end I am just a man trying to get across my views on certain subjects of course and to rant and rave on things I like or dislike and let it be known to all I can. And in the end I hope my opinions and thoughts help others stop and look and see what they are doing to the greatest nation on earth. I hope I help in some ways.

Someone before me once said, I write to express my views, opinions and feelings, but the only way they can be heard is to say them out loud, well I try to daily and hope someone is listening! I have now survived Lung Cancer since I was diagnosed on August 2nd 2013 till now thanks to the greatest bunch of Doctors and Nurses at The West Haven Veteran’s Hospital here in Connecticut. My Primary Care found the tumor on a cat scan, sent me to a Pulmonary Doctor who confirmed it and pushed me through to a surgeon who removed it and half of my right lung. Then I had great nurses and doctors who made sure I was ready to come home in the end. God Bless them all for all they did for me, I shall forever be grateful for it. Cancer is a killer, but in my case I was extremely lucky mine was found very early and removed. God Bless you all for that!

Last thing for today: I received the following message in my E-mail and I hope all will read it once it is done:

Dear William,

The editors at Long Story Short would like to notify you that your poem “If I Die will be published in our October edition on the 4th of next month. This is a poem I wrote long ago and I hope many shall enjoy it! 




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