Surviving/ Congress/Thanks Red Sox/ Thanks April and Arman!/ Stories Links

       The biggest scare in anyone’s life is when a Doctor looks at you and says yes it is cancer, we don’t know which kind, its in your lung and needs to be removed! You at first are non-believing, then it sets in on you and your mind starts to try to deal with it!  So many thoughts go through your mind, but the biggest was Oh Shit fer me, I thought I was done! I had a father who went with lung cancer, a mother who went with it too, and I figured I got stuck with the big one by a matter of being their son, period. I went into a slow depression crying on and off and hiding it and being brave to those around me, my wife and sister and not saying anything to my daughters until I was about to be operated on. Buy in the end they all stood by me and supported me through the surgery and recovery now. God Bless them all for doing so, believe me!.

Rant #1 today! Congress is being a bunch of assholes and not caring about anyone but themselves! Stop and thing Representatives and Senators, Do you really want to default on our bills and lower our credit rating again? Wasn’t once enough already, and we haven’t recovered from that one yet! Then ya want to play with Obama care and defund it before you will fund the budget to keep our own government going? Are you stupid or what, can’t you see, the law was passed, you don’t have the votes to repeal it, it must go in effect and if you shut down the Government assholes people get hurt! Don’t you care if medicare won’t pay or help seniors, or disability checks and social security checks are cut off or delayed what it will do to senior Americans? Wake up if you want to stay in office, I warn you all, Seniors are the majority population in the USA now, we will vote your dumb asses out of office and start over with a new House and Senate!.

Rave Time #1- The Boston Red Sox are for real folks they won the Eastern Crown and will appear in the playoffs. They have hitting, fielding and pitching as good or better than any team in major league baseball.  My Red Sox have a fan base that is unbelievable too and we all want a World series appearance at least and a win if we can get one. I have support the Red Sox since I was five years old, win, lose or draw, and always will, thanks to my Step-father who was their biggest fan too. We would sit side by side and watch the games at home on television and scream when they fell apart in August and September and say next year. Dad never saw the Red Sox win a World Series in his lifetime he lived from 1931 to 1990. Sadly, Dad missed the wins and the ultimate beating the Red Sox did on the Yankees to get to the World Series. He would have loved it and their celebration when they won it all. The Red sox will always be my team, I bleed red for them each year and after living 57 years of my life without seeing a game live at Fenway Park on September 14th, 2013 I saw Fenway Park and The Red Sox live from 5 seats away from the field and next to their dugout as they beat the Yankees 5 to 1. Thanks to my sister, her man Arman Rivard and their wanting to get me there after my cancer surgery. I thank them both for their caring, generosity and kindness and for standing by me through my surgery and treating me to one of the greatest times I ever had and days I ever had in Boston!

As I recover from my cancer, I leave you now if you read my blog with the hope that you will read a few of my stories I wrote and posted on Amazon’s Kindle Site; “You Don’t Know Me!”—

“Conversations With Dad”–

The Project Murders, in Broad-View Acres–

                                              My Maria“—

“Unattainable Love”—

Closing comment I am Honored by the following E-mail I received——-

Dear William,

The editors at Long Story Short would like to notify you that your poem “If I Die will be published in our October edition on the 4th of next month. I hope all will take a chance to read my poem when posted! Thanks for reading my blog once more and Best Wishes to All!



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