Syria/Clintons/ Republican crap/ Boston/ Cancer /VA. Hospital and Doctors

      Welcome to Thursday folks, yes I didn’t write a blog yesterday I know but what the hell I have to live a bit somehow right?

       The deal with Syria continues forward but will Russia and Syria both keep the agreement to give up the chemical weapons or not? How much can we trust the Russians and PUtin and Al Assad of Syria? Innocents were killed by these chemical weapons at the orders of Al Assad and he should suffer the same fate as all who did so in past generations. Yet, we are playing lets make a deal with a mega maniac and taking a chance he won’t do it again. sadly, I wonder if America has much say anymore in world politics or in strength, for we wimp out on the red lines we set.

       Clintons abound I say, and i feel sad that Bill Clinton was not allowed a third term as President, his views on the economic situation, the Syria situation and more are fantastic and brilliant.  Then, we have Hillary his wife, she served so much for this country in so many different ways with smart ideas, a strong will and determination, she needs to be elected President in her own right!  Chelsea Clinton also strikes my as a beneficiary of the genetic and mental makeup of both parents. Her answer to questions are smart, and she knows how to play politics for sure!

        The Republicans are pulling crap again and threatening to shut down the Government and it’s actions and funding of programs again. Why, because they didn’t get their way with ObamaCare/Healthcare. Listen up folks it matters not what the initial cost to initiate Obamacare will be, it is what it will save and provide Americans of all age and health brackets and families  in the future and the choices they will get and have for health care. If Canada can do it, healthcare, and make it work for them we can also, in the end it will work once all the little twerks are ironed out. Tell your Republican politicians to stop the bullshit and fund the government and lets get on with business and life in America!

        Boston Baby, Boston! I Love Boston, I love it’s people, I love the atmosphere, and most of all I love The Boston Red Sox, win lose or draw. It’s one hell of a town and I love it all. Most of all I have followed The Red Sox from age 5 and I am now 57 and a cancer survivor who finally got to Fenway Park And Yawkey Way for a game. I enjoyed the atmosphere, the game, the people the food and more, 11 days after my middle lobe of my right lung was removed. It is now three weeks later and I am feeling better each day I wake up and my lungs expand well and the coughing decreases too. I may itch from tape they used during surgery but I am fine otherwise these days and slowly gathering more breathing capacity. God Bless the Veteran’s Administration, my primary provider Karen Martzitelli, My Pulmonary Doctor Doctor Hilary Cain, and my Surgery and his staff and the folks at the hospital for being so kind conscientious and polite and well educated. Theya ll are the best Doctors and Nurses I have ever ran into in my lifetime and they caught my cancer at stage one. Lucky me!

      My Ending today is simple, pure and honest, I am glad to be alive and to have loved ones for care so much for me, from my wife who I love dearly who was with me every step of the way, to my sister I love dearly, to friends like Arman Rivard, who I love asa  friend, and to my daughters and my step-daughter and in laws. All who supported me and cared deeply while I went through it all and who keep tabs on me daily. God Bless all of you!

       Thanks to all who read my blog and keep tabs on me!




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