Healing Slowly/Republican BullShit/ Red Sox/Story Link

      Healing from surgery takes time, it takes even more time when it is lung surgery to remove Cancer I am finding out. I had allergic reactions to the tapes and i itch daily on top of healing and hacking. It is today three weeks since the Doctor remove my middle lobe of my right lung, took samples of the upper lobe and sent all to biopsy to find it all as a stage one nonsmall cell cancer tumor, in the end measuring 2.9 centimeters in size. Yet, even with lots of walking, and breathing deep and slow I still hack at times, like something is still in my lungs I can’t get out. The hacking is at times brief, and if I am not careful can turn into a long session too. I am wondering if I have some fluid stuck in the good lung casing it all, today I will see one of the doctors and ask.

      Rant Time: I am getting more and more pissed off at Congress and the House as each day ticks by, on their failure to pass a budget that includes Obamacare, and to keep America running fully! Stop acting like little school children who got punched in the nose and grow up Republicans, if you don’t fund the Government and Obamacare and the Government shuts down there may never be another Republican Elected to the Presidency for another 16 years!  Whatever objective you have in doing what you are doing is not benefiting your parties place in the American Public’s eyes and hearts! You already look like a bunch of jackasses as it is and cry babies, can’t get much worse can it right, wrong! There is an election in 2014 and 2016, would you all like to be out of office and have just democrats running everything and no say in anything? It’s coming at ya if you continue this bullshit! Cut the crap and crying, live, learn, grow and stop playing pattycake with the funding of government, and you will be one sorry bunch if it affects those of us on Social Security, Disability for veterans and others and more. You cut the funds to any of it and your asses may be run out of office physically by a mad elderly, disabled public not to count the ones taking care of us all, our own children, who will have to pay to care for us more.

        Rave Time: Boston Red Sox baby! Go Red Sox Go, you have the eastern Crown and more than likely the best record in Baseball period and I hope the home field throughout the Division Series, American League Championship too I believe. Kick Ass Red Sox, show them why you went from last to first in one year, and the type of players and team you are! Ortiz, Pedroia, Napoli, and the gang have proven, baseball can be playful hard, fast and with determination once more and made all Red Sox fans determined to see another Championship Banner in Fenway, Ellsbury will be back too, and I know he will contribute to many wins. The Pitching staff is strong and the bullpen too, lets go Red Sox!

        Story Link: Todays link for a story of mine will be two family stories for all to read:

                            “Conversations With Dad”—-http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EBC5FHG

                           “Confrontations With Mom”—http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DC3BQK0

         These stories are about he parents who raised me, and their effect on me! thanks for reading my blog!





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