N.R.A. and Guns/Cancer Surviving/Alex’s TP Story!

      Long ago, we had some great men in American History get together and decide to create a country with a Constitution and with freedoms for all. They didn’t look at color barriers, they didn’t look at racial barriers, they didn’t look at dividing a nation into two parts for any reason, they looked at creating a nation of dreams!  Their names now echo through the ages, and will forever more, Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, Hancock, and more. Their names affixed to a document that could have had each of them beheaded at the time the signed it, yet they saw the promise the hope of America and the promise and the hope of a country with freedoms for all.  Freedom would ring again, with a man from Illinois, who rose from a farm boy to a President in Abraham Lincoln, to  put back together the greatest Union in the world by fighting and winning the Civil War.  He swore he would reunited the North and South in one peaceful Union once again and did even though a mad assassin took his life. Amazing how, an ideal of One Nation Under God survived isn’t it?  It matters not what the color, race, nationality of the individual is, as long as you are American you are free and have choices you can use to stay free.  The sad thing is that too many foolish Americans believe certain laws and Amendments were written for the reasons they were not written. The Right to Bear Arms was not written so every American can have a gun in their home to kill other americans or each other, it was written  so every American had a right to bear arms to protect themselves from militia! Wake up, National Rifle Association, wake up Americans a country full of guns is worse then a country without guns. Yes your right, guns don’t kill people do, but what will you do when the same people you let bear arms and buy them start picking off NRA Members and leaders, because they hide behind the right to bear arms that you push for so hard, but, was not meant to be used the way you use  it?

       Next subject, medical miracles and science. I became on August 2nd one of many Cancer victims in the world, who has to fight to survive from now on. Once diagnosed with cancer, one must gather themselves, and fight back in every way possible no matter what if you want to live. You tend to listen to Doctors, get second opinions and pray you can survive without losing too much of who you are and before the cancer can spread anywhere else in your body. I was one of the few lucky ones so far, whose lung cancer was localized in one lobe of my right lung and removed by the modern miracle of medicine and great doctors and surgeons. My surgeon has the knowledge to identify and remove the cancer before it spreads and then determine by the size of the cancer tumor what stage it is. In my case it was stage 1 and according to all I have been told I lucked out no chemo or radiation is needed by me. It has now been 20 days since my surgery and it was done robotically, the wounds are healing well and my breathing is improving as I try to exercise by walking and breathing deeply expanding my lungs. I am lucky enough now to be among those who call themselves cancer survivors!

            OK, enough ranting for today as I say, one can only bitch so much before it get depressing! Lets try something a little different like a short little story. Here is one I share from my younger days, that involved my younger brother Alex, my Uncle Tommy and a roll of Toilet Paper and a phrase my Uncle learned never used again!

            Uncle Tommy ran into the bathroom one day in a rush due to diarrhea and plopped down on the throne to go. Of course we all do the same , but poor Uncle Tommy didn’t check for toilet paper and got stuck without a roll! As he sat there pondering how to get off the throne without making a mess of himself my younger brother ALex came by. So,Uncle Tommy says hey kid grab me a roll will ya, my younger brother says sure, how much ya give me for it? Uncle Tommy Laughed and said ok kid how much ya want for it!. Ya know ALex named and a price and held him to it, and if Uncle Tommy didn’t pay he wasn’t getting off the throne! So no matter what ya do, never ask a kid how much he wants! laughs, Uncle tommy never did again and Alex got his 5 bucks for the roll!.

         Have a good Day Ladies and Gents and Thanks for reading my blog!  As I leave you for the day, I leave you with the link to Alex’s Story and what became of him, sadly, I miss my kid brother and always will!

          “What Really Happened to Alex?”—-http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CGPDBX0



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