Boston Red Sox!!!!!!!!!!!/Republicans and Congress/Guns

    Welcome to the Playoffs to my team The Boston Red Sox! I hope you win the Eastern Crown and  go on to Al Championship and World Series too. I love my Red Sox!!!!!!!!!Image


     I tire each day of hearing how the Republicans in Congress will shut down the United States Government by October 1st, if Obama care isn’t repealed, it’s bullshit!  You shut down the Government check disability checks to veterans and social security checks and I promise you, a dam Republican will never see the Presidency again nor will they see many senate or house seats either.  People are depending on living off of these checks and like me are Disabled Veterans, disabled security check people and have voting rights too, do me up and see if the senior generation and we disabled, don’t do you up in 2014 and 2016!

        Next Rant, Guns,  what the hell is with people who believe the mentally ill and criminally violent need to have access to semi-automatic weapons?  Why the hell would you give a gun to a child or a mentally disabled person or a criminal so they can kill you with them are you nuts, the NRA is sick!  The right to bear arms is in our constitution yes, but read the amendment and article closer, fools, it was a right to bear arms against militias not each other! Someday America will learn and understand and it will include the National Rifle Association and more, what the damn Amendment meant and was written for!  Maybe if one of the shooters start shooting NRA members and board members you people will get the damn idea and get it right!


       On the  last Rant I shall stop today! I want to wish all a Happy Friday and a great weekend too! Thank You all for looking at my blog and reading it, I hope what I have to say makes sense and helps some out. 

       I leave you with one story I wrote some may understand it some may not:


        In Short my Childhood in a short story!




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