Open Letter to The Minnesota Vikings!

      The National FootBall League is a League I follow due to the excitement of the sport and the records set in it. The Trades, The coaches and players give all to the game and it is with a great pleasure I watch it as often as I can.

       I am a fan of The Minnesota Vikings a team that has yet to win a Super Bowl. The Purple and Gold colors attracted me as a kid in the 1960s, and I stick with my teams win or lose folks, period. I stuck with The Boston Red Sox all my life till they won and still stick with them today ion Baseball. In Basketball it has always been the Boston Celtics, through thick and thin, I don’t advise them or the Red Sox, but I follow and cheer all on.

       The Minnesota Vikings need some help I think in shoring up their defense as well as offense this year!. Sadly, their QuarterBack Christian Ponder, needs to pull himself together and move his ass. Secondly he must improve his accuracy to become a great QB.  Less Interceptions and fumbles would help greatly too.

        In Adrian Peterson, the Vikings have one of the greatest running backs to ever play the game, they just need to use him better. Receivers for Ponder to throw to are there and  is a tight end thats decent. The Offensive line isn’t bad but can be shored up at the tackles if ya ask me.

        The defense if Minnesota’s biggest problem period! The days of The Purple People Eaters seem to be gone, we need more rushers to go with Allen and then the defensive backfield needs corners and a safety that can keep up. Cam The Vikings ever win a SuperBowl well that my friends is the question that has been asked since the 1960s. To win they must improve the areas above period, and play with character, strength, pride and determination. 

         My Advise to Coach Frazier is simple, get cornerbacks, defensive backs and a safety. Add a rusher on the other side  and get Ponder to play better, and your in the playoffs. To win in the Playoffs, you will have to let Peterson run and run and cut back on passing. So best of luck to my MInnesota Vikings this year who started at 0-2 so far, I hope it can change and will stand with the team win or lose!

        Signed a FanImage


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