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       Good Morning All. Happy September 18th, 2013. As we all try to understand the shooting deaths at the Naval ShipYard and why such an event would happen on American soil, the arguments abound and range on gun control, and laws protecting the people.  One undeniable fact for either side of the gun control debate is that people with mental illness do not belong purchasing guns of any kind or ammo for any reason.  I agree with this fact and I also agree that people with criminal records of violence don’t deserve the right to bear arms either, yet our constitution says, we have a right to bear arms in The USA.  May I remind both side, the N.R.A. and The anti-gun rights advocates, that the founding fathers, Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and more  made that amendment to bear arms so militias could protect themselves and their country from invaders not each other.  So, a reexamination is needed of the amendment and it need to be admendended one more time to disinclude those of a violent nature criminally or the mentally unstable!

         Next subject today, a word I heard only from my mother’s mouth so many years ago as I grew up Gallivanting! Anyone else ever heard of this word in their lifetime today? I doubt it for it is seldom used to describe wandering souls exploring the world with a spirit of wanderlust and adventure. As a child I was told for decades growing up, I was a gallivanter , and I couldn’t sit still, I would wander and explore and experience all I could to be the best person I could be as I grew up. What I didn’t realize is why and how come I did it. It was in born in my soul and nature for my mother had it first it seems. Amazing isn’t it, when you stop to figure it out, it is a hereditary thing one gets from a predecessor. As I grew older and into my early twenties I stopped gallivanting and settled down to get married and have children of my own. I would call home to speak to my mom regarding her grand daughters, and she was never home. Finally, I got her on the phone one day, and the conversation went something like this: Hi Mom where the heck ya been? I have been out having fun she would say, enjoying life! I would answer I see and you called me a gallivanter did ya? And she would laugh and then we would end the conversation saying good bye. Gallivanting is an art mom would say, ya have to know when to do it and when not to do it, she did it when we kids were young and then when grown, I did it as a kid only. But the official gallivanter, roams, explores. travels and flirts when they can, enjoying life, they before they die, they look back and go where did my life go, and just smile at the end!.

         Health is next, as I heal from my cancer surgery, my breathing gets a little better each day even though I lost a half of lung. My cancer they say is removed and no chemo and radiation shall be necessary at this point unless it comes back. I use my breathing devices to expand the lungs I have left and walk up and down my 200 foot driveway as much as possible also.  My hacking is spreading thinner and further apart, and becoming less and less. I feel better and better each day, and I give thanks to my sister, my wife and friends and family who supported me through this cancer! I do fear the coming winter season and colds and more, so I plan on keeping warm and cozy inside as much as humanly possible. I don’t need cold or more now!

          Boston Red Sox fans we are now down to the magic number of three for the playoffs! Let’s Go Red Sox, Lets Go! Get the Pennant, Win the East and lets go in the Playoffs and kick ass!  can ya tell I love my Red Sox!


           Last, but not Least ladies and Gents, a link to some of my stories I wrote:

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           Thanks for Reading my Blog Folks, from a Cancer Survivor and Disabled veteran in one!




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