Go Red Sox Go/Semi-Auto Weapons/ Economy/NFL

       Red Sox, go, Boston, Go! Boston Strong! As The Boston Red Sox close in on clinching the pennant this year only 4 wins away, I will forever remember my day at Fenway Park on Saturday September 14th, 2013 with the four best people in my life on that day. I started as a Red Sox fan way back in 1961 when I was 5 years old with my step-father at the time, who was a fan all his life too. Sadly dad never got to Fenway Park and we always cheered on the team at home in front of the television for each game we watched.

My Step-dad died way back in October of 1990, and never lived to see the Red Sox finally win a World Series in his lifetime, but I have seen them win two. I cheer as I read of them in the papers , hear of them on the radio and watch them on tv like he did, till this year, when I got cancer like he did and my mom did and my real father did too. Mine I am lucky to say was caught early and was in the middle lobe of my right lung and I had spots in the upper lobe also. I was Operated on on September 3rd and thanks to my sister and her man, I went to Fenway Park, on the 14th of September to see them beat the Yankees. was the best day of my life so far and I will always be grateful to my sister, my wife and Arman my sister’s man for taking me there to finally see it all. I was thrilled beyond belief and awed!

Crazy People with weapons with mass amo is my next rant today! Who the hell allowed an ex navy sailor who was discharged with for misconduct, on a Navy Installation.  This is becoming the worse thing in American History nuts who believe they are being pushed around, shoved around or ignored in a society made for all to thrive in. We need to ban all weapons except, hunting and hand guns. No more Semi-Automatic weapons, no more then six shots in a pistil or 8 in a rifle allowed. Congress needs to act on this stuff and I care not what the National Rifle Association says, innocents dying on American Streets on bases must stop!

Next Bitch, is with the state and federal governments of this country!. Stop telling us the AMerican Economy is improving at 7 percent or whatever. it is a massive lie and we all know it, especially in states like Connecticut. At one time we were the Manufacturing Capital  or at least one of  them on the east coast, now all the factories are gone. No More, Scovills, Chase Brass and Copper. No More Timex, No more places to earn a decent income for all. And wake the hell up people, if we have no money because we have no jobs, you really should stop building retail stores and malls! What is wrong with people, can’t you see America is hurting, invent something we can make, bring back jobs for blue collar workers!

The new NFL Season is now underway, and the teams that will need watching are The SeaHawks, Texans,Bengals, Dolphins  and they will be the surprises this season I think. Hang onto your hats for some wild shootouts between teams with fast offenses and great QBs.

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“The Northern Woods Murders”—http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CGMRXDC

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