Anniversary/Thank Yous/ Boston and The Red Sox /Syria

      September 16th, 2013, My 13th Wedding Anniversary God Bless my wife for putting up with me!  You know you have a good relationship when your together 20 years, married 13 and you both live thru bad and good times together and can smile at each other across a crowded room or party and know what youre each thinking!

I want to say Thank You to my baby sister April and her man Arman Rivard for taking me to Fenway Park for the first time in my life at 57 years old, to see my beloved Red Sox beat those Yankees 5 to 1 behind Jon Lester‘s pitching! I absolutely hope the Boston Red Sox Organization and team know just how much wanting to see a game they played in Fenway Park, Boston motivated me to get well enough to do it and have fun 10 days after my lung cancer surgery! I walked Yawkey Way, I got a Red Sox shirt, I enjoyed the game, Jerry Remmy’s Place and fish and chip and a cold Sam Adams. Then After the game we went to The  Blues Restaurant and had a great meal before heading home. Thank You Boston and The Red Sox for the warm Hospitality!

Syria I hope will be solved now without AMerican Military might being used and I hope millions of Syrian lives are saved and no more chemical weapons will even be used again. It is sad to see a leader of a nation killed his own people to remain in power, isn’t it more logical to step aside and let someone take over, and have a country in peace once more?

Stories is what I shall leave you with links to next! I wrote them and I shall I am sure write mote I just hope they are enjoyable for some to want to buy and enjoy: “You Don’t Know Me!——-

“Conversations With Dad”—

“Passing on……………………”—




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