24 hours/Cycle of Life/No to Syria/Poems

      24 Hours from now I shall be laying on a hospital cart and being rolled into surgery and being put under for my operation. Who knows what else they can find in me as they go to take my middle lobe of my right lung and the mass in it out. 

        Is it Cancer, is it nonsmall cell/ or small cell, did it spread to my lymph nodes and throughout my body or into my bloodstream?  Or is it localized and then removed with no fear of spreading anywhere?  Only time shall tell now!

        Anyway, as I said once before to an old friend of mine, when your not looking things show up and in this case that is what happened with this mass in my lung. Never knew it was there until, a screening scan was done by my Doctor at the Veteran’s Hospital in West Haven, Thanks doc, I hope we got it soon enough now is all I can say!

      Thinking back lately, I remember too, I always wished I was older when I was younger so I could do all the things adults could do, now I am the adult and older, and wish I was young enough to have the energy I had when I was younger to do it all! Funny how that happens to you, it’s like the cycle of life telling you, you have come almost full circle.

       American Military might should not be brought to bear in Syria! Blockade Syria, cut off all aid and entries and exits from it, starve the Syrian Government out! The first missile we drop in Syria will drag America into a quicksand pit of hurt, pain and money eating war. I believe like many Syria is wrong in using chemical weapons, but, I also believe we as Americans can not afford to be the police force of The Middle East or the World anymore. Let someone else step up and solve this problem!

       Poems I wrote can be found at the following links:

       “Adult Poems of Romance and Lust”—http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D5L684I

      “The Poems of W.M.M.”—http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CHQPNQQ

        I hope all enjoy my poems and blog, and thank you for taking the time!





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