When you’re growing up, you have dreams, wants and needs, yet you don’t recognize what they are until you’re older. A home, love, caring, emotional stability are all a part of it, food, water, medical care are more needed. Education is next as we all know and many of us don’t think about that education until we are beyond it and then we go why didn’t I go further in school. Sad isn’t it, for education is what can make or break an individual, the more you know the further you can go for pay, benefits, health care and respect in the world. Stay in School kids, learn, listen, question, get answers to the questions that are vital in the world and in life, so you can contribute to the world, America and Societies everywhere.  Please remember what my Step-Father told the five children he raised, two that were not his, You can do anything you put your mind to, just stick with it! A truer phrase has never been said on the planet earth!

       Last night I saw a movie on Television about a man who was taken as a lowly factory worker and turned into a political contender and leading spokesman for education for children. All he needed was a little diction help, a dictionary and constant encouragement. No they didn’t take away his down to earth personality, but thy give him a public persona and make him speak properly, but in the end the words that came out of his mouth were his own. Learning how to conduct yourself in public is vital. It again proved what my step-father said, you can do whatever you put your mind to, all you have to do is be persistent, have a drive and want, you will get there!

       My next subject is Syria and it’s internal troubles and the use of chemical weapons in the world. Whether Assad did use them out of fear of being over run, or to control the rebellion he is facing makes no difference, in the end he knew better than to release them into the atmosphere around his own people or anyone else. Sadly someone in his regime, decided to do so and they will pay for it shortly. I don’t disagree with making them pay for this, what I do disagree with is why America? Can’t Obama, Israel, France, Britain, and other countries, get together a coalition of Mideast Countries surrounding him in his area to stop his foolish games and to stop this.  Where is Jordan, where are the other Arab states and countries that live there and why don’t they react? America can not continue to be the world wide Police Force to enforce the laws and regulations, we have enough problems of our own at home. 

       Ok enough on that one folks. Next, my surgery date is now two days away,and my thoughts turn to how it is going to go once I am on the operating table and what they will find in my lung and how bad it may be. yes I do worry about it all, and wonder if my tumor in my lung is nonsmall cell cancer, small cell cancer, what stage and did it spread in my lymph nodes or blood stream throughout my bodies systems. Will I need chemo/ will I need chemo and radiation and how will I handle it all? The answers are all coming folks quickly, so I hope, they will be positive answers and keep me alive for a while longer. I shall fight no matter what!

     Today being Sunday, I decided to end this blog with a few poems I hope you enjoy them:



I dream of her night and day,
Her fragrance seeps in to my being,
Her thoughts and words come back to me,
How did this happen, from whence did she come,
A surprise a wonder is what she may be,
But the Lord, brought her here to me.

Each day and night, through happiness and sadness and fright,
I remember her words, her thoughts, her looks, her fragrance,
They are now a part of me,
A part she doesn’t notice or really see.

These dreams come at night and during the day,
They reoccur, and keep me aware,
That out there she is, missing me as I do her,
Why neither of us can ever be sure.

Her smile, her touch,
They mean so much ,
Can she know what they really mean to me,
Is this something she can see?

I may never know,
For she darts through my life, like a mystical light,
They shinning and then gone,
As I watch and wonder and hope and ponder,
Whether she shall ever notice me or care?
Should I ask, should I speak, should I say I care,
I hesitate, in confusion and in fear,
Will I ever take the chance and say a word,
Should I, Could I, Do I Dare?

Why Must the Days End?
By William

Why do the days have to end?
Why do the nights have to come?
The Darkness rolls in,
Night reminding me,
Of, my past, my sin.

I didn’t know what you wanted or needed,
You refused to say,
So now I wonder and think,
All night and through the day.

I go thru life, a statement reverberating in my mind,
It’s one I carry with me,
And shall for all time.

My father, laid dying on his bed you see,
And these are the words he said to me:
My son he said my days have come and gone,
I shall leave you before for long.

But live you life to the fullest and enjoy,
Do today what you love the most,
Enjoy life to the fullest, and love those around you the deepest,
For though I be gone and you may cry,
Please remember these words, I give you to keep and hold.
Live your life with honesty and truth,
Be happy, be true, be honest and be bold.

As I leave you now he said:
I shall be gone and you will cry,
But remember this is not really goodbye.

We are all put here for a purpose, yes a plan.
When we fulfill that purpose our time has come,
And our life is done, and I am just a man.

The days will pass, the weeks will come and go,
The weeks, will turn to months, the months to years,
And over time, you will, have cried all of your tears.
But live your life for each day you are here,
For the calendar will continue to roll,
Time will pass before you know,

In the end my son,
We all eventually do what we have been put here for,
And our time is done.

Then he rolled his head, in his bed,
The vomit came, his eyes rolled back in his head,
And peacefully, and in silence he was dead.

I remember that day oh so well,
I remember the fishing trips, the pizzas, the laughter and the tears,
And have carried his words, with me and lived them for all my years.





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