Choices, we make them everyday in our lives. Some were made for us before we were old enough to make our own or before we knew what was being done period. For instance we didn’t make the choice of who we were born to, or what we look like, or what we will become. Those were decisions controlled by our parents, at least for us who were born in the 40’s 50s and 60s. Our generation still grew up with the old ways of raising kids, where a smack on the ass or a whack upside the head was still ok. Today such a thing would get a child to file for divorce from their parents or to be arrested.

       We can’t make the choices of where we attend Elementary School or even High School, but we do learn to pick friends and avoid enemies on our own. Funny how that happens as we grow older isn’t it and logic, reason and common sense seep into us and we realize what we are doing affects others not just ourselves.

         We can’t stop the child abuse we suffer through either, we can’t stop the mental pain, physical or emotional bullshit thrown at us by parents and siblings, but it all adds up to who we become as adults, hard to believe right, but true. We didn’t ask to be called names, we didn’t ask to be slapped, punched and beaten by our parents, we ask to be called stupid, retarded, emotionally damaged or anything else, but we got it, by so called adults who gave birth to us and were called mom and dads. Sad isn’t it, how some parents should never have been parents!. But the fact is we all are human, we all make mistakes, the best any child who is now an adult living in society can do, is to stop the endless cycle of pain and suffering by not passing it on in their children. Cycles will kill if they continue. I am happy to have had two daughters by my first wife, I don’t know them too well but enough to know my leaving hurt both of them in one way or another. I have tried to make it up to both of them in recent years and hope they now understand that I didn’t control what happened their mother did, and I lived through the pains of it myself. I did find them again 14 years later and try harder then hell to make things right for all of us. It’s all a father can do for his children he never really had a chance to know fully.

     Tuesday is coming fast for me, and it is not a day I look forward to of course since it is surgery day to remove the middle lobe of my right lung and the tumor in it. More than likely it will lead to a course of chemo or chemo and radiation next. But at least I will be alive and still here, to enjoy grandchildren and my wife some more. Like I said choice we can make, destinies and fates, I can not control and nor can I control cancer in my body. But I can fight it and will with every fiber of my being!

       Next subject Syria, it must be stopped from using chemical weapons on it’s own people and the possible  expansion of that use to other nations. Yet why is America always the police Force to Patrol And control the world? We can’t keep doing it folks, we don’t have the economic power, the political power of the need to get our asses kicked and our people killed for others who care not one bit about us. Lets stay out, don’t put boots on the ground in Syria, don’t send missiles in either, support the resistance yes, but damn don’t make us any more in danger or hated in the world than we are now. Understand I am a disabled Veteran and I am as patriotic as every American who ever served, but we don’t need to waste our troops, weapons and money on a nation that cares less about us then we do them. In History the only nation to help us was France during our Revolutionary War, so why do we continue to police the world at a high cost to us?

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