Syria/ Congress/Hillary 2016/ Surgery/ Stories

       Welcome to August 30th, 2013, Syria is still a problem as it’s leaders gas it’s citizens, and President Obama must make a decision to act on his own or not act at all. Britain has declined to participate, an assault on Syria and America would have to go by ourselves. I disagree with any entry into Syria by American forces or weapons provided by us. We can not afford entry into a war we cannot win alone, and it is far too stupid to intervene, when our resources are spread so thin. If President Obama is smart he will find a Middle East Coalition Force to do the job, instead of getting involved. I have heard all the patriotic folks of the military and veterans speak up saying if we don’t do it who will, well how about saying why Americans and not natives to their own middle east area?

      Next Subject, Congress and it’s so called voting and control of what moves forward in America and what does not. Congress and the leaders of it on both sides of the fence need to wake up and move through health care, leave Obama Care alone and shore up medicare, medicaid and Social Security and The U.S. Postal service. Sadly, Congress is long jamming any progress by refusing to agree to anything put forward by the President and his people. Thus the American Economy and the people living in it suffer and fall further behind the world instead of leading it. Soon, we shall fall not only in credit limits and respect, but as a leader in economic ways to a also ran and that ladies and gentleman will prove to the world America is not invincible anymore!

      Being as it is now 2013 and the next Presidential Election shall be November of 2016, I believe Americans must now search for Obama’s replacement and we need Hillary Rodham Clinton. Tough, smart, logical and savvy Mrs. Clinton would work to improve America’s status in all ways and keep us out of wars we don’t belong in. Plus we would also get a support system for her and great advisor in former President Bill Clinton to back her up. America could not do wrong with Hillary Clinton as it’s first female President and she deserves it and has earned not only her place as a Stateswoman  Senator, and politician and Former First Lady, but as a strong knowledgeable individual who has strength of character and soul. Hillary 2016 I say folks!

        Well today being August 30th, 2013 I am now 4 days from my surgery on September 3rd, 2013. As I have said before removal of the middle lobe of my right lung is what it will be, removing not one the lobe but the mass inside it all at once. Recovery should not be too bad they say and invasion of my body will be minimal they say. four or five cuts through my rib cage, slits. Then the cutting off of the lobe and dragging it out through one of the openings. Then the biopsy will take place and I can learn what the mass really is, if cancer what kind and the stage and what treatments will be next. Should be a an interesting journey for me and the Doctor too.

      Stories-“You Don’t Know Me!”—

                    “Open Letter to Daughter I Never Knew”      



                      “Confrontations With Mom”—






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