Aging/Middle East/Congress/Cancer/Family Stories

     I remember when I was a kid, I wanted to be an adult so much it hurt, now I am an adult facing cancer and old age and wish I were a kid again, to do it all over. Amazing isn’t it folks, we all dream that way as kids. We wish we were older so we can attend a movie on our own, or go to a playground alone, or be trusted to use electronic toys on our own, or as when I grew up to want to smoke, run ,galavant, have sex, drink and more. The truth is once you get to try it you rally don’t want it lol, well at least most of it.  As you get older and hit your late fifties like me, all you want is a cup of coffee in the morning, a place to eat breakfast and then to get done what you have to do, and then lay down and rest and sleep. Funny how age takes away all the energy of youth isn’t it?

       Wars, policing nations, and the world, why Americans why? We don’t belong in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, or Syria. The Middle East is not a problem from my home here in America, it’s a circus to watch, the explosions and foolishness that happens there. I wonder if the Syrians, Egyptians, Afghans  Iranians, and Iraqis all ever stop to see how stupid fighting among themselves really is, will they ever learn and notice how stupid it is to do? No one wins by killing others, and wars are only a last resort!   

       Congress is my next rant of the day, Wake the Hell UP! As America moves forward through the next year and the last of President Obama’s second term as President, Congress needs to go back to work and save the U.S. POstal Service, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and yes ObamaCare too. They need to get over the fact they lost the election in 2008 these Republicans and move on to do the business we hired them to do. Sadly, they think holding the Government hostage and causing it to stop working is the way to get revenge on the Democrats. Wrong, they are hurting you and me folks, the Veterans, the Disabled, the average American of all races and colors and creeds, people you need to call you congressmen and women and your Senators, tell em get off their dead asses and earn the money we pay them, or get out of office now!

       I tell you what, if Congress, a Senator or anyone else in Government wants to trade place with a  disabled Veteran, Handicapped person or an elderly one on Medicaid/ Medicare, Obamacare or any other benefit programs, like Social Security, come see how you can live on less, try it once and you may understand.

      Cancer, is my next subject since I have it! I also suffer from six herniated discs in my spine, sleep apnea , stress, tension, depression, and more, yet I don’t run around asking for pity, just medical help from my country I served. I lived through the deaths of other cancer patients in my family. 1971, my grandfather, 1984 my father,1990 my step-father, and 1991 my mother, way back in the early 1970s, I saw a girlfriend get cancer of the ovaries, and then my wife in the 1990s. Now it is my turn to fight it off and do what I can to stay alive and I intend to fight every step of the way damn it!  I refused to just give up and lay down and die, the hell with that shit! So September 3rd, I lose a lobe of my right lung and the tumor I carry too and we shall see what is next. No Surrender I say.

      Family Stories for Today:

       “What Really Happened to Alex?”–

       “Passing on……………………”–

       “Abraham- A Man of Contradictions”—

       “Fishing Days with Dad”—

      “Confrontations With Mom”—-

      “The Importance of Christmas”—

     “The Flying Christmas Tree”—

      “Conversations With Dad”—






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