Red LIne/ Memories/Obama

      The Red Line has been crossed by Syrian Leader Assad, and his reign must end as must his killing and culling ways. My problem is why is it just America who sees it and has to act at this point? Where are France, England, Spain, Italy and the nations of Europe and the Middle East itself?   Why look at America that is a half-world away to solve a problem in the Middle East, it’s time Jordan, and other nations there get involved and stop him, not us!  Americans have given enough of our own fathers, mothers, sons and daughters to clean the world up, we don’t need it now. Save our money, save our military personnel and our weapons, don’t enter Syria, let someone else clean it up, we can’t afford to be the world’s police force anymore!

       Next subject for me! Memories we make them each day and we dream of them each night. We live for them and we die for them, we struggle through the good and bad of them our whole lives. They make us who we are each day and each night and in each circumstance and relationship we live in. Vital to all of us, some of us have lots of good memories and some bad, some have more bad than good, they are what determines our decisions each day in our life. We always look back at the memories to determine our reactions in the present for the future life we want. Just stop and think about it folks, you will find it’s true, for it is those memories in childhood that make us who we are when we grow up and go on our own!. So make good memories for your children, your teens, for they shall inherite the country and world after we are gone!.

       One more comment today from me on the world Americans live in and their leader, President Barrack Obama. The first man of color to hold  the Office of President of the United States and he should be extremely proud as should all African Americans, of what he did and is doing for his people and his country of all colors, races and nationalities. He has also proven in his now 5 years in office that it matters not what color your skin, your race, or nationality all age the same under the stress and pressures of being the American President. He has proven that making the decisions necessary for the American People and country as a whole is not easy, simple or for timid people. God Bless him and America and may our course always stay true and free, for all time.

       Mystery Stories/ Shorts  I wrote for all:

       “The Holy Land Murder”–

       “The Northern Woods Murders”–

      “God Damn It!”—

       “Three Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One!” –

        “Tick, Tock The Infernal Clock”—

         The Project Murders, in Broad-View Acres–





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