Good vs Bad!/Depleting Earth/ Wars/Cancer

      I was asked by a child one day, do the good things really outweigh the bad things in life? I answered by saying depends on which road in life you take! It is true, I guess we all make our own decisions on which way we should go in life. Some of us prefer to go straight and honest through it all and take the good with the bad, others want to cheat the destined path they are given and become evil and or saints, but the average person has both good and bad in life. The question is how do you make sure the good outweighs the bad, well the answer is by honesty, truth,caring, compassion, and in the end loving those around you, no matter what they do or did to you, for they are family and friends. I know it’s not easy, but it is true as I am telling you, believe me.

       Time is now moving forward as usual for all of us, wars keep happening, planet resources keep being used up, the atmosphere we live in gets more polluted each day and we carry on, even depleting the fish and creatures of the oceans and polluting it too. Mankind is the only species that works overtime to murder itself, why is that anyone, ever figure that one out let us all know ok!

      Talking about wars, pain, suffering and all, Americans have had our own share of it all by now and our little over 200 years as a nation. We fought our own Revolution and won, we Fought our own Civil War and overcame each other, We fought two World Wars freeing others from Germans and Nazis, Then we fought to police Korea and Vietnam, and Afghanistan, Now Egypt, and Syria erupt in war and we watch wondering when Americans will be sent in to end it all. Why? Are we the father country on earth to protect our children, in other nations or the mother nation on the planet? Lets face it Americans we may lead the world in many ways, but do we have to lead in volunteering our people to die in others fights and wars, around the World? No, we shouldn’t stay out, let other nations step in and stop it all, bring our troops, our equipment, home, stop fighting wars for people who hate us and want us dead please!

     Well, 8 days from surgery today, soona Doctor will put me to sleep on September 3rd and remove the middle lobe of my right lung due to a  tumor in it. Yes, I am scared the biggest operation I ever have in my 57 years is removal of my appendix at 24. So it’s a major one for me and scarey, but i will hold up and fight through it all, it’s my way. I have never laid back and surrendered for anything important, it’s not in me to quit that easy. So I shall fight on and write more, as I do, God Bless America and all! 

      “You Don’t Know Me!”—

      “Open Letter to Daughter I Never Knew”–

      “The Importance of Christmas”—


     The Project Murders, in Broad-View Acres–

      “Tick, Tock The Infernal Clock”—

Just a few Stories for ya all to scan, they be short ones but mine! Enjoy Please!



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