August 25th, 2013, one more day closer to the NFL starting it’s Season schedule. Love the Football Games in everyway, watched em all growing up with dad and by myself. Seeing the big plays and teams you want to win is fun and cool and entertaining. I tend to stick with my team every year, even if they have never won a Super Bowl in their History. I love the purple and gold in Minnesota, the Vikings are my team and always will be, but, they need help defensively and to get Ponder to play better!  But a fan will always follow and hope for the best, win or lose!. I did the same with Baseball and The Boston Red Sox like my step-father, he was a fan too and never saw Boston win a Series, But I have lived to see them win three, so God Bless them. Go Red Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be at Fenway on September 14th, come hell or high water, to see my Sox take on the Hated Yankees as they drive for a pennant once more. First time ever I will be there, and see them in person, after my surgery on September 3rd for a lobe removal for cancer!. I don’t want to miss it, it will be a real treat for me, in my life.

       Ok, onwards and upwards, Syrian leader Assad must go, and I don’t want American soldiers sent in after him, to fight their civil war for them. Any bastard who gasses his own people and children needs killed himself. Send in the Sniper Teams if anything and let him stick his head up and pop him, I say. Or poison him somehow and get it over with so his people will recover and survive. Genocide is illegal, immoral, and unethical and this man is crazy!

       Egypt come to mind next for me, and we set them up once with an Elected Leader and they took him out. So why do we bother going back again? We shouldn’t folks, The Egyptian people need to make up their own minds on what government they want and who as a leader not us, leave them to figure it out. Cover the story, journalists, but, don’t look for Americans to get involved a second time around, it would be foolish on our part.

       Anyway, unlike many people in the world who give up when faced with diseases of any kind, I plan on fighting through my lung cancer in every way I can. I will not just lay down and give up, I am not made that way and no one should. So, on September 3rd, I will have the middle lobe lobectomy done and go on from there with a positive outlook at life. I just hope I can still get to see my Red Sox on September 14th, 2013, I am dying to see Fenway Park, never been. And finally tickets to a game there are bought for me to go, thanks Arman!

       Sunday is a  day of rest they say for all, so I hope all have a great Sunday/ Funday as my sister always calls it!

         “You Don’t Know Me!”—

         “Conversations With Dad”–

         “False Accusations”—









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