Mornings/Syria, Egypt/Surgery/Love Stories

 August 24th, 2013, a new day starts once more, coffee is in the cup and I am here! Good Morning world, I hope all are healthy, happy and getting along!

        Morning is filled with things waking up as a sunrise comes across the part of the earth you are on, invigorating each, living thing with energy. They wake up slowly but surely and go on their ways, gathering food, cleaning themselves and preparing in the hunt we all do for money, food and clothing. It’s funny how all beings are basically the same at the wake up point isn’t it!

        Egypt continues its struggle to find a government and leader it can trust, Syria is still in civil war, people being killed endlessly and by gas so one man can stay in power. Sad isn’t it, when those you once trusted as your leaders, become desperate and mean and kill their own people!  One sniper a good one could end the whole thing in Syria if Assad came out in the open. But we all know, that won’t happen, so in the end our Government will make the wrong choice again and throw American Men And Women into Syria to stop it all costing Americans money, time and lives. We should stay the hell out I say.

       While whoever reads this knows I am heading for surgery on September 3rd, 2013, to remove the middle lobe of my right lung due to a tumor in it, I also know I shall survive it at that stage and go on  while longer. The only question now is do I need chemo and radiation or just chemo or nothing once it is removed/ Time shall tell, for you can’t say what kind it is or how big it is, until it is removed and biopsied. So, that is next folks.

         Love Stories for all;

          “Unattainable Love”—

          “Angie’s Folly”—–

         “My Maria”—–



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