Ants/Second Opinion Time/Syria

      Happy August 21st, 2013 folks, I hope all are having fun running to and fro, across the world, like little ants building a hill! There is asad resemblance between humankind and the ants we walk over and kill daily on the ground. They scurry about building ant hills here and there gathering food and feeding the queen, and mankind does the same daily. Are we really just ants, underneath the feet of other being high above us? 

       Yesterday morning I did a run to the Veteran’s Hospital in West Haven, Ct., to collect the written reports from my MRI, Cat Scan and Pet scans done in July 2013. Pictures and reports telling me the size and location of the tumor I carry in my right lung middle lobe and that causes me to hack, cough and wheeze and be tired each day.  With these in hand, an appointment was made in New York City, Ny, with Sloan and Kettering Hospital for a second opinion on my cancer case. So, Thursday will be a trip down and a trip back with my wife and sister and seeing another Doctor. According to the American Cancer Society, men my age, with lung cancer only last 1-5 years after diagnosis. but we shall see! I intend to fight as long as I can.

      Syria and the gas attacks killing their own people because one man does not want to leave power is sad. Children women and men littering the streets, dead from a gas attack that should have never been allowed or been done. Someone with some power and strength will step in soon and take down the Syrian Assad I hope and end this all. I just hope we Americans are not the ones to do so, we have enough actions both war and peace like spreading our military thin as it is now. As a disabled veteran with 6 bad discs in my spinal column, sleep apnea  depression and , PTSD, and now cancer, I state here and now I vote we pull out of all wars, police actions and battles, bring our military home and use the funds for helping the American People here, create homes, jobs and influence our own economy in a positive way!.

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