Cancer Update/Hillary/Assistance

     August 20th, 2013, made my run to the Veteran’s Hospital in West Haven, Connecticut this am. Got copies of my MRI, Cat Scan and Pet Scans from July 22 and July 24th, 2013. Confirms Cancerous tumor mid-lobe right lung, malignant and active, preparing for trip to NYC, Ny to see Doctor at Sloan and Kettering. Wife working on making the appointment and the faxes this am, each day brings me closer to the pre-op on Friday, which includes, Blood Work, Cardio work-up to make sure I can withstand the operation and the Anesthesiologist lucky me huh! After that it is a wait till September 3rd, 2013 and the removal of my middle lobe right lung and the future paths of chemo and radiation and who knows what else. One day at a time is all one can do, I just know when ya stick a disc in your own computer and it shows your innards to you and they aren’t normal, well it’s weird. But as I said one day at a time, one step at a time one foot in front of the other is all one can do. Enough of this shit it is depressing!

       Next lets talk a favorite subject of mine, Hillary Rodham Clinton, our First Lady of Arkansas and The USA and Former Senator from New York, and Secretary of State. If ever there was a time America needs Hillary it is now. What would be even better is to have both her and Bill Clinton in the White House together in reverse roles from the first time round. Benefit of experience and knowledge all in one you ask me. I fully believe if anyone can break the glass ceiling for women in America it is MRS. Clinton. She has proven herself in all areas of politics and more and America needs a woman like her to prove to the world we too, have females worthy of the title of President of The United States.

       Next subject, Assistance to other Nations that America does daily and across this fine globe we live on. Certain countries, nations deserve our help and we are a very generous nation overall. Our problem is we give too much, to the point of hurting ourselves and overlooking the faults of others, and we shouldn’t, Afghanistan , Iran, and yes even Syria should be shut off. We are the only nation in the world that ends up defeating countries in war time, than paying to rebuild them in peace time, why? sadly we are foolish enough when it comes to this, because we believe we must lead in all areas, well we don’t have to anymore. Who has come to our aid at anytime of War, or Civil Disturbance, no one except France during the Revolutionary War. Since that time over 200 years ago, America has helped everyone else, but no one comes to our aid in times if distress, war or economic ruin or political troubles. Sad isn’t it folks, save all the money in aid to these nations and dump it back into the American Economy and create jobs and America will bloom once more!

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