Writing/Cancer/Red Sox

      I guess writing is an art few perfect and I know I have not perfected it as of yet. I try to put into words the feelings, and thoughts I have at a given time and hope it can convey something others would like to read and understand. Doesn’t always happen that way folks, unless you writing an article for a newspaper, magazine or a real book with many words and a great cover. I am not prolific in my writings, nor am I perfect as a person, but writing for me is more or less a way to relieve pressure, stress, tension, PTSD, and depression. So I write when a subject hits me or when something bothers me in someway or another, or when a childhood memory of pain and suffering hits my memory, or a military one may come up. I write to help my mental state folks, it’s a matter of the need to let words flow and get it out that counts for me. For others it may be something different that drives their writing, but me, well you get what flows from my mind, heart and soul.

      My latest report on my cancer is simple, nothing has been done yet, it resides in my right lung middle lobe for now at last view by Doctors. As I say my pro-op is coming up quickly, to be completed this friday the 23rd. In order to have the tumor and lobe removed I must be approved by a Cardiac Specialist, give blood and then see the Antheisiolist. If I get by the three of these are able to survive the operation, then the tumor and lobe get removed on the 3rd of September.

    It’s August again folks and that my friends and readers is time to watch my Boston Red Sox fight to stay alive in the playoff race. I love the Red Sox, , win, lose or draw so to say, and no one will ever change that either. I grew up watching the Red Sox year after year, with my step-father, and cheering them on and then bitching at them as they failed to get to the playoffs or faded from them and never reached the World Series. Dad as I called my step-father never got a chance in his 59 years to see the Red Sox win a World Series, don’t worry dad, I saw em win three for you.! It was glorious and a party and a half each time. I will never forget them coming back, in the playoffs against the Yankees when they were down 3-0, Dad would have screamed and yelled and been so damn happy to see them win 4 straight, them four more straight to win the Series. What a party we would have had Dad! Lets go Red Sox !!!!!!!!!!! I will finally get to Fenway Park on September 14th, to see the Red Sox live play the Yankees thanks to my baby sister and her boyfriend, finally dad, finally! I may also join you in heaven dad and mom and step-father soon due to the cancer I have too, since you all died of the same lung cancer I have now.

     “You Don’t Know Me!”— http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EKNERFC

    “Conversations With Dad”— http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EBC5FHG

     “Open Letter to Daughter I Never Knew”        http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00E7SMC2U


      “False Accusations”—http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DYAID6G





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