Gay Bashing,Prejudice.Helping Others

      I tire of hearing of gay bashing, black bashing,color or aging bashing or bullying. The world must learn all are equal and all must get along to survive!  What is wrong with humanity?  In the US Military it matters not what color, race, nationality or sexual preference you have now matters. If we can all fight and die for our country and get along to defend our flag, our nation, our constitution,and our freedoms, why can’t we just get along at home, in The United States.

       It’s been going on in the USA forever and needs to end and not be allowed anymore. The world and Americans especially need to wake up and realize, we are all human beings, we all hunger, cry, thirst and hurt and bleed. We bleed red and carry blue blood, and are all the same, why can’t the world realize skin tone, accent, nationality, or sexual preference doesn’t matter. wake the hell up world, it needs to end!

        Next Subject, Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, and other nations fighting between themselves and others, need to realize that the United States, can not continue to help and defend and give aid to them forever. Our own nation has too many homeless, too many ill and too many hungry and out of work people of our own. Why should the USA be the one to give, give, give and not get anything in return, you want American assistance, then offer us something in return worth our helping you, listen to us.

      Final word for this Sunday, my cancer is still sitting in my middle lobe of my right lung. I am awaiting pre-op on the 23rd of August to be followed by the Surgery on September 3rd, 2013. I worry and yes I am scared but I will never surrender to it folks, nor will I ever cry I was defeated, I am a stubborn old Navy Bastard ok!

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